Vintage Camera Question: Perfect Beacon "two-twenty"five"

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Jeremy, May 24, 2004.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy Guest

    Hey all,

    I have had this camera for a number of years and inherited it from my
    grandma. It has never been used, still has the box, manual and all
    sales literature with it. Is this a collectible camera or where there
    so many made that it is just a cheap old piece of "junk" :)

    Google didn't give me much on it other than to list it as a vintage
    camera and give me some photos of it. This being the best: two twenty five whitehouse products.htm

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Jeremy, May 24, 2004
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  2. Jeremy

    Nick Zentena Guest

    If it uses 620 then get yourself some film and use it. Hell if it uses 127
    and you don't mind processing your own get some film and use it.

    Somebody collects everything. But I'd be suprised if it was worth
    selling. Stick film in it and use it. Even a 127 is a bigger negative then
    35mm. Low end cameras with big negatives can often produce fairly good
    results when used with modern film.

    Nick Zentena, May 24, 2004
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  3. Jeremy

    TP Guest

    It's a load of old junk.

    Far too good for you, Jeremy.

    TP, May 24, 2004
  4. Jeremy

    Lisa Horton Guest

    I think this may be a different Jeremy, not your follower :)

    Lisa Horton, May 24, 2004
  5. Jeremy

    TP Guest

    Oops! Apologies!

    TP, May 25, 2004
  6. Jeremy

    Bob Hickey Guest

    I don't think it's collectable, as it's not listed in Matanle;
    but it IS made in Brooklyn, and not by Kodak, so you're way ahead of the
    game. Might even have surprising quality. It's a coated doublet, according
    to the front which means B/W and most Tessars are very sharp. Who knows,
    might be a winner. Bob Hickey
    Bob Hickey, May 25, 2004
  7. Jeremy

    Jeremy Guest

    Hehe, you are probably correct. I'm not a very good photographer
    myself, I was just interested in learning more about this particular
    camera and for once the internet sorta failed me as far as in-depth
    research goes :)

    Thanks guys,

    Jeremy, May 25, 2004
  8. Jeremy

    Lisa Horton Guest

    What you probably didn't know is that there is a nutjob here named
    Jeremy, who is somewhat obsessed with TP, among other odd obsessions.
    Unlike you however, he is not so sanguine about describing his level of
    photographic skill :)

    Lisa Horton, May 26, 2004
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