Vivitar Series 1 Minolta MD zoom 70 210 mm f1:3.5 macro

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by mcl, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. mcl

    mcl Guest

    So was this lens any good. I have two Vivitar Series 1 lenses. One is really
    nice the other sucks. Anyone know anything about this one.
    mcl, Oct 3, 2003
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  2. So was this lens any good. I have two Vivitar Series 1 lenses. One is really
    Are you aware that Vivitar doesn't make anything? They're a
    marketing company.
    Randall Ainsworth, Oct 4, 2003
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  3. mcl

    mcl Guest

    Whatever. The point is `20 YEARS AGO I bought a Vivitar Series 1 70-210 mm
    Minolta Brand Zoom lens for my XG-7 and it's a fantastic lens. More recently
    I bought another series 1 lens on Ebay and it's garbage. It's a 28-100 mm
    variable f and at Max f it's virtually unusable. You can't get it focused.
    There is another Series 1 zoom available on Ebay and I was wondering if
    anyone had any experience with it. The one I bought 20 years ago I had the
    luxury of either Popular or Modern photography giving it an excellent
    review. Popular photography has reviews of lenses but not of old ones from
    years ago. I guess they never heard of buying and selling things used like
    on Ebay.
    mcl, Oct 5, 2003
  4. Vivitar gets its product from varying manufacturers and as a result quality
    will vary broadly from one year to the next. The earliest Series One lenses
    reportedly are the best, and further later made stuff seems to suffer poor
    reviews. Current supplier seems to be Samyang which also makes their own
    Phoenix line. I have two lenses by this firm. They are not pro product by
    any means, but the two I have fortunately suit my purposes. You might
    consider Tokina as a better third party alternative. Or try find the vintage
    of any Vivitar you are interested in, and thereby ensure getting as old a
    one as possible.
    John Garrison, Oct 6, 2003
  5. mcl

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    I recently bought a Vivitar Series 1 19-35 wide-angle
    zoom on EBay just because it was dirt cheap. I didn't
    really expect much of it, instead, it turned out to be
    pretty nice. Not pro-quality, of course, but something
    you would definitely use for snapshots. Someone told
    me it's actually made by Cosina (and not by Shamyang)
    and that makes sense since the lens is made in Japan and
    not China.
    Paolo Pizzi, Oct 6, 2003
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