Wall-mount or portable digital photo album

Discussion in 'Photography' started by LurfysMa, May 20, 2005.

  1. LurfysMa

    LurfysMa Guest

    My mom's 80th birthday is this summer. She loves photos of the kids
    and grandkids. We were thinking that she might like some sort of
    digital "album" that she could either put on the coffee table or hang
    on the wall that would hold a collection of photos and display them as
    in a slide show.

    I have found a few possibilities. I would appreciate any comments or
    suggestions. Does anyone have any experience with any of these
    products or any others?


    1. 11.75" picture frame style album, 16MB memory, $260. It doesn't say
    who makes this or much about how it works.


    2. Pacific Digital, 8x10 Memory Frame, $390. This seems to be a more
    high-end product. It's not clear if it can also transfer from a PC.


    3. Epson P-2000 portable card transfer device, $500. This is a
    completely different device, but interesting. It's slightly smaller
    than a paperback book, has a 40GB hard, and a 3.8" hi-res viewing
    screen. Photos (and movies) can be transferred from the memory cards
    or by USB 2.0 cable. Gramma could slip this into her purse and regale
    the bridge ladies with endless photos of grandkids.


    4. Transcend Digital Album, $370. This is a lower-end version of the
    Epson. It has a 20GB disk, 2.5" screen, USB 2.0.


    LurfysMa, May 20, 2005
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  2. LurfysMa

    Whiskers Guest


    Presumably you are satisfied that the lady is sufficiently technophilic to
    enjoy such a gadget rather than fear it? A real album full of prints might
    be more acceptable. The kids themselves could contribute drawings of their
    own, too.

    Bear in mind that old hands and eyes are not too good with small displays,
    small buttons, and so on. Electronic gadgets also need power, which could
    be an issue.
    Whiskers, May 21, 2005
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  3. LurfysMa

    Marvin Guest

    We have had the Kodak Memory Box for about 3 years, and we love it. The timer is set to
    turn it on a bit before we usually wake up, and it is lovely to begreeted with family
    pictures. The pix are stored in internal memory and a memoruy card, and we have no
    problem with adding pictures, setting up the unit, and so on. But we have been a
    computer-using family since the first PCs. If you live near your mom and do this for her,
    she would probably like it very much.

    Like most grandparents, our refrigerator is covered with pictures, and there are many
    framed ones around too. But we love the morning slide show.
    Marvin, May 21, 2005
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