Want to record the sound of traffic from specific direction (advice needed)

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by anujpals, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. anujpals

    anujpals Guest

    Good Morning:

    I am a graduate student. I am looking for a microphone
    to record the sound of traffic coming from certain direction of a
    roadway at an interesection. I am interested to record the sounds with
    in a range of 500 ft in a particular direction.

    Please let me know if there is any wireless microphone that would be
    ideal in my

    I would really appreciate your help.

    Thank you

    Anuj Sharma
    anujpals, Feb 21, 2007
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  2. anujpals

    Toby Guest

    It sounds like you need a highly directional mic, which rejects off-axis
    sounds. Google "shotgun microphone". Of course there is no sound cutoff, but
    the pickup pattern favors sounds directly in front of the mic.

    You have not really clarified what you want. If the road is two-way the mic
    will certainly pick up sounds of traffic moving towards it and away from it
    equally if the cars are in front of the mic. It will tend to pick up less
    sound of cars off-axis, but they will be loud when passing directly in front
    of the mic. I think it is almost impossible to isolate sounds in a certain
    range, although sounds in that range could be maximized as compared to
    sounds outside that range if the mic were carefully set up.

    In terms of wireless: what you would want is a wireless transmitter and
    receiver that would accept a standard mount microphone. Most professional
    mics use a balanced connector called an XLR or Canon plug. Be aware however,
    that many shotgun microphones require an external power supply and cannot be
    plugged directly into a wireless transmitter, which does not supply this
    "phantom" power. Your best bet would be to get a self-powered shotgun
    mic--these have a battery incorporated into the body which supplies the
    power, and can be used with normal wireless transmitters.


    Toby, Feb 21, 2007
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  3. anujpals

    DanR Guest

    DanR, Feb 21, 2007
  4. anujpals

    Steve King Guest

    The problem with a shotgun microphone is that they are not very directional
    at lower frequencies. It all depends on how much rejection is required. A
    cardioid may give better results for rejecting sounds at 180 degrees.

    Steve King
    Steve King, Feb 21, 2007
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