wanted: old Nikon LS-1000 film/slide scanner info *and* parts-useablein XP? make my own 'film carrie

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dave, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. dave

    dave Guest

    anybody here use the ol' Nikon LS-1000 film scanner under WinXP? (I
    haven't tried, yet). just aquired mine - it's in "extra barebones with
    unknown provenance" config. appears to power up 'LED lite' and
    'mechanical sequences-wise' OK...

    since I'm essentialy 'starting from zero', softwares and drivers-wise
    (with a 'near zero' budget to match), and i wanna install Linux
    *anyway*, might I be able to aquire 'more readily' Linux-specific
    drivers and/or TWAIN stuff for this device, or whatever else I need to
    drive and run the scanner? (I already have an ol' adaptec SCSI card)

    any software (or drivers) I use to 'run' this baby are gonna need to be
    downloaded off the net; specific recommendations most appreciated (I've
    used irfanview in XP frequently, thinking of trying GIMP). really *most*
    concerned with getting the images OFF the scanner ONTO my drive, though :)

    and yeah, by crackey, if anybody has one of these scanners 'sitting
    around busted, incomplete, partially crushed, or inoperable', I could
    sure use a film carrier (called FH-2 by nikon) and maybe paper
    manuals....and maybe a front faceplate, with or without the little tiny
    lower left front 'bulk slide port' door....

    knowledge search: anybody know (with certainty) if the FH-2 35mm
    "filmstrip carrier" -itself- moves when the scanner is scanning
    filmstrips? or does the film (and its carrier 'wrapper') simply stay
    stationary within the scanner while the 'scanner head' moves past the

    thanks much for info :)

    super-tightwad the ol' toolie_guy
    dave, Jun 19, 2005
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  2. I believe it's doable. Visit nikontechusa.com and look for the page about
    the LS-1000.

    You probably need to install Nikon Scan version 3, along with whatever SCSI
    drivers you may need.
    Andrew Koenig, Jun 19, 2005
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  3. dave

    dave Guest

    I looked a little at nikons (seemingly endless number of) sites
    worldwide this AM. read them pretty extensively. per my recollection,
    the LS-1000 FAQ site makes no mention of that version 3 software, but
    the LS-2000 FAQ site does, and does suggest (like you do) that it BE
    used with XP. but wether or not the scanners (in particular my ol'
    klunker LS-1000) can 'appreciate' (or more accurately 'run on') that
    newer version of "nikon scan" remains shrouded in mist...

    I'm kinda trying to find out "what's doable or what's not" before I bust
    my cranium trying to install some ol' SCSI card...and -its- drivers...

    thank you andrew :)
    dave, Jun 19, 2005
  4. dave

    CSM1 Guest

    CSM1, Jun 19, 2005
  5. dave

    dave Guest

    hi again, gang,

    this page at nikon:


    says, at bottom, in links, that nikon scan version 1.6.3 is for WINDOWS,
    *or*, seemingly, for mac...

    clicking the 163 link for windows brings you to this


    page, also claiming to be version 163 for windows...but BOTTOM of page
    now has "new set of links" showing version 163 is for Mac, but *another*
    version, 414, is for windows....

    clicking the 414 link brings ya to a download page, unbelievably enough,
    for 414


    interestingly enough, the nikon LS-2000 scanner site (admittedly -not-
    my model, but I'm guessing 'similar, based on, umm, "looks" -
    scientific, ay?) page, here:


    now seems to recommend a version 251 for windows users...so, do nikon
    scan version numbers get LOWER as the software =improves= over time? or
    is the nikon site disorganized?

    ....mist-shrouded business, this...
    dave, Jun 19, 2005
  6. I believe that you need Nikon Scan version 3.x if you want to use it with
    Windows XP.
    Please look at the date associated with that link.

    Incidentally, I would be very surprised if you could not use your LS-1000
    with Vuescan (which you can purchase from www.hamrick.com and test for free
    before you buy)
    Andrew Koenig, Jun 19, 2005
  7. No, thatt is "additional information": answers which are related to your
    query and *may* be relevant.

    If you click on "Agree to License and Start Download" on the page you
    referenced then it will download Nikonscan 1.63 for Windows in file
    NS163win.zip. This is the latest version of Nikonscan which supported
    the LS-1000.

    Unfortunately, according to Nikon, NS1.63 is *NOT* compatible with XP
    and since they have a separate mnemonic for untested, I guess that "NO"
    means it has been tested and does not work. But, it seems to work with
    everything up to NT4, then becomes dodgy at W2K due to "Adaptec ASPI
    support", finally becoming incompatible with XP. Given the cause of the
    partial W2K support, it might be worth trying to get the XP ASPI layer
    from Adaptec and giving it a whirl.
    Kennedy McEwen, Jun 20, 2005
  8. dave

    Sander Vesik Guest

    I have used the NS1.63 with XP to scan from Nikon Coolscan II (aka LS20).
    You need to specially get ASPI from Adaptec but otherwise there were no
    Sander Vesik, Jun 20, 2005
  9. dave

    dave Guest

    CSM1 said:
    ok, thanks for that info, looked at related sites, and will do :)

    andrew K said:
    mm, yeah....thanks for that info too andrew - I just checked those guys
    apparently watermarks are "auto-stamped' on all outputs from their trail
    I "could" edit them out with irfanview, at the pixel level, but that
    uhh, seems
    impractical... :-/

    on a sidenote, anybody ever use "silverscan"? I see it mentioned places
    as a
    sort of 'alternate' (or possibly better) 'scanner driver' or something...

    kennedy told me:
    WOOPS! guess I better look a little bit closer in there <grimace>...


    sander told me
    thanks sander :). like to hear that "for sure" :)
    and thanks again to all you guys for educating me :)
    dave, Jun 20, 2005
  10. Right -- that's how they get you to pay for it.

    The point is that you get a full-functionality version with the watermarks
    for free, which lets you see whether it will do what you want before paying
    for it. Then you pay for it and they give you a serial number that will
    remove the watermarks.
    Andrew Koenig, Jun 20, 2005
  11. dave

    Gian Carlo Guest

    I dave, I use Nikon LS1000 with slide feeder SF-100 under WIN-XP
    You need a SCSI-CARD (I have an old Adaptec 2940). WIN XP will recognize it.
    After that you have to download the ASPI driver from Adaptec. I use V4.71a2.
    The work fine
    After that you install the SW from Nikon or from third pary. I tried the
    original one from Nikon (Nikon Control V2.2)
    and SilverFast. This last one is very good but also a little bit difficult
    to use.

    For linux forget to find some good driver! the are in alpha ...


    Best regards

    Gian Carlo
    Gian Carlo, Jun 22, 2005
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