Website Critique Requested

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by ron, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. ron

    ron Guest

    I just finished reformatting my web site. I would like your opinions
    and recommendations. The gallery contains my favorite images. The rest
    of the site displays photos from various places that I have visited.


    Website Critique Requested
    ron, Jun 6, 2005
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  2. ron

    Musty Guest

    Very nice photographs. What equipment do you use? Do the photos have
    significant post-processing? They are very impressive.

    Musty, Jun 6, 2005
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  3. ron

    Slack Guest

    The front page looks good - nice and clean. But, IMHO, it's goes
    slightly downhill from there. It's a little awkward with a "back" button
    and the picture caption boxes are kinda funky looking - too big and
    doesn't look like they belong. I think if you did away with the gray
    caption/title box, just changed the letter color to a contrasting color,
    and made the background color to black, it would do wonders.

    I'm being hyper-critical because your pictures are so good and I think
    they demand a better showcase.
    Slack, Jun 6, 2005
  4. ron

    ron Guest


    Originally, I used a Canon D60. Late last year, I moved up to the 20D.
    Both are great cameras. I use four different lenses: 16 -- 35, 24 --
    70, 180 macro, and 400. All are L lenses (Canon's professional grade
    lenses). The images in the gallery have all been created as fine art
    prints. As such, they take a significant amount of time to perfect
    (they were shot as raw images). The rest of the images in my site took
    very little post processing.
    ron, Jun 6, 2005
  5. ron

    Bob Guest


    I think you should split up the buttons you have on top, between the ones that
    bring you to photos, and the ones that do other things such as Email or
    whatever. You seem to have 2 main photo groups... I'd put them separate.

    Also, your Gallery has a thum that brings you to more thums and then to an image
    only a bit bigger then the thum... a bit confusing and time consuming.

    I would lose the thums on the first link page, and make the photos bigger or
    offer a choice of 2 sizes... I'm using an LCD monitor and it must be set to
    highest res or it distorts - so your pics are very small!

    Also add a bit more to the description if you can, such as some camera data...

    Now I just clicked home and I'm on a different link page... oops I see the
    'outings' page was confusing me... OK I think you need to re-do this outing page
    somehow.... it doesn't match the gallery start page in any way, looks like a
    different site... so many choices here but they lead to the same thing...

    Another thing, I found the same pic in several places... you may not want to do

    hmmmm this is odd, but I'm lost! I can't tell you how to repair this because I'm
    so deep in your links... but I noticed I got a big pic and description and THEN
    I got a choice of thums... seems a bit backwards!

    All in all it's a good start, but you can make it more uniform and not
    repetitive. Also, maybe find a way to have links that don't require lots of
    'back' 'back' page moves. This would KILL dial-up users!

    Oh bye the way - GREAT PICS!!

    I hope you don't take any offence at my critique - I'm very picky!
    Bob, Jun 6, 2005
  6. Hello Ron!

    I've just been to the site and enjoyed my visit - nicely laid out and
    straight to the point. No fiddlng about.

    I'm usually not one for cottonwool water falls (hard for photographers
    to be unique with this subject) but you've done an excellent job with
    Limekiln Falls. Plenty going on, rich colour and nice compostion too.

    Your Outings section is a really nice touch. You've put a lot of work
    into all of this and it will be of interest to anyone visiting the
    areas listed.

    Just a personal thing here, but unless I've missed it, it would be nice
    to have bit about yourself and your take on photography and what it
    means to you. Your approach to technique would be worth reading to as
    you know what you're doing! Equipment doesn't matter to me, but your
    ethos would. Just a thought...

    Good luck!

    Sharp Shooter, Jun 6, 2005
  7. ron

    burnsdavidj Guest

    Let me start by saying i love your pics. Snow Storm and Sugarpine 1 and
    2 are my particular favorites.

    I have quite a bit of professional experience designing websites, so
    please take my comments as constructive criticism...not everyone is a
    programmer or has professional training in usability design, and I
    think this is a good design overall but needs some work.

    #1. The mottled background detracts from the site. Its a nice
    countertop colour, but it both muddles the text of your
    headings/buttons, and detracts from your photos. Go with a solid colour
    for your layout and picture matting. A black matting will make your
    pictures stand out.

    #2. The font you've used is cute, but not professional. Go for a more
    bold, CRT friendly font. Arial, Verdana, Tahoma...all good selections.
    Ideally you should go with a bright colour (yellow? white?) and bevel
    or shadow the text with a dark colour (black, dark grey) to make it
    stand out.

    You've done a good job with the colours though...complimentary (in this
    case the light blue and gray are a bit too complimentary) colours and
    nothing outrageously contrasting.Your menu headings inside the site are
    consistent. I'd recommend a sub-menu heading for each section so that
    you'd don't need to go back to the main gallery page if you don't use
    the back button (i hope this makes sense).

    One final comment..the text seems to me a bit too big. Lower the font
    size of HTML text size one or two points. Ideally go with the HTML
    default, if people have a hard time seeing the text then they can
    always override with their own browser defaults.
    burnsdavidj, Jun 6, 2005
  8. ron

    Matt Clara Guest

    Very nice. I'd make the thumbnails a little smaller and the images they
    lead to a little larger, and then sharpen and compress them less than you
    have here.
    Matt Clara, Jun 6, 2005
  9. ron

    Mr. Mark Guest

    I just finished reformatting my web site. I would like your opinions
    I like your photography better than I like the /style/ of the web site, but
    even so the web site is easy enough to navigate. You've got some really
    nice photos there.
    Mr. Mark, Jun 6, 2005
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