Wedding Photography - Advice Please

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Scott Mordecai, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Thanks for the tips (see how it should be done Randull?) :)

    I very much see the general theme here about the lighting. Ideally an
    on-camera flash is not the best, but if for no other reasons other than the
    most practical one that I have never used proper equipment before. I have
    borred another friends wedding pictures (professional!) and the are
    beautiful and have given me good ideas about the framing and composition. I
    hadn't thought of getting a copy of "Bride", I'll pick one up tomorrow (the
    budget can stretch to that!).

    Lots of other good simple tips that I hadn't thought of too. Hadn't really
    thought of avoiding people eating for example - would that be a nice sight,
    that snap of grandma chomping into a sausage roll with flakes of pastry up
    her nostrils and false teeth hanging half out.

    Sorry about that. What an image.....

    Scott Mordecai, Jul 8, 2004
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  2. I've been out of the photo biz for 9+ years.

    Business was that good?
    I never disputed that. I just thought you were an arsehole, that's all.

    There is always one of "you" in every single news group on the net. Flaming
    wars can be fun sometimes, but in the end you'll disappear because everyone
    gets bored with you and nobody replies to even your nasty messages. Then a
    new "you" will come along. And a new newbie like me will take the bait and
    flame you back. It's just one of those facts of life. Like it or lump it.
    But I tell you what, will you read that in ANY of those Internet tutorial
    books that are available. Nah.

    I'm bored with you now. I've had my fun.
    Scott Mordecai, Jul 8, 2004
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  3. Scott Mordecai

    dadiOH Guest

    It is a guide number...a number used to determine what aperture to use when
    using flash. It varies with film speed. Naturally.

    To use: GN/subject distance = aperture.


    dadiOH's dandies v3.0...
    ....a help file of info about MP3s, recording from
    LP/cassette and tips & tricks on this and that.
    Get it at
    dadiOH, Jul 8, 2004
  4. No, my first camera was a 127 Brownie. But I did buy the Hasselblads
    with my own money. As for Sigma, they've always manufactured crap,
    I've never wasted my money on it, but if you want to waste yours on it
    then be my guest.
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 8, 2004
  5. Yeah, whatever...
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 8, 2004
  6. This is a tough place to make a living in. There were a number of
    reasons that I quit though, none of which are any of your business.
    Yup, tell the truth and you're an asshole.
    No flames here, just statements of fact.
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 8, 2004
  7. Scott Mordecai

    Martin Lyons Guest

    Amateurs built and flew Kittyhawk, professionals built the Titanic!!!!!!
    Martin Lyons, Jul 8, 2004
  8. Ah - sounds like a little something that is pretty useful to know. Thanks.
    Scott Mordecai, Jul 8, 2004
  9. Scott Mordecai

    DJ Guest

    a) The subjects loved them

    b) Who cares what you think?
    DJ, Jul 8, 2004
  10. Scott Mordecai

    DJ Guest

    DJ, Jul 8, 2004
  11. Scott Mordecai

    DJ Guest

    That's what the world needs more of... smart arsed comments.
    DJ, Jul 8, 2004
    Linda Terrell, Jul 8, 2004
  13. Scott Mordecai

    Rob Novak Guest

    More accurately,

    GN/subject distance = aperture @ ISO100.

    Your 160e is rated with a GN of 16 (distance in meters), covering a
    frame shot with a 35mm lens.

    So, with your f1:3.5-6.3 lens and ISO400 film, the maximum flash
    distance with the aperture wide-open is 9 meters (29.5 ft.) at 28mm
    and 5 meters (16 ft) at 300mm.

    If you're going to put a tissue paper over the bulb to diffuse, you'll
    lose about a stop. Multiply the above figures by 0.7 to adjust.

    In my opinion, you probably still need more flash. Rent a larger unit
    with a multifocal bounce-head (zoom, tilt and pan) for a day.
    Rob Novak, Jul 9, 2004
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 9, 2004
  15. That is all new to me and interesting to know - thanks (it is certainly
    another one of those "print it off and keep it with my camera stuff"

    As it happens, I didn't use the Speedlight in the end. On the morning of the
    wedding I had a brainwave and remembered that my late father had flash with
    an adjustable head. After a bit of a search I found it. It is a Nissin
    360TW. I don't know that that make is any good, but it seemed to work..

    As pretty much everybody said to me about wedding photography, it was very
    hard work and I was pulling my hair out at times, but I took about 280
    pictures through the day so hopefully there will be a few good ones in

    Scott Mordecai, Jul 13, 2004
  16. Well done Scott. Glad to hear it all went so well. Please try to put some
    of your pictures on a website so we can have a look.
    Dennis Bradley, Jul 13, 2004
  17. It's always a good idea to use equipment that you haven't tested and
    are unfamiliar with for an important once-in-a-lifetime event.
    "Hopefully" there will be a few good ones? That's encouraging.
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 13, 2004
  18. Scott Mordecai

    Snowman Guest

    You sad miserable sod.
    Snowman, Jul 13, 2004
  19. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and should be photographed by
    someone that knows that they're doing. Taking a ton of pictures with
    unfamiliar equipment and then "hoping" that there's something good in
    there does not bode well.
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 13, 2004
  20. Scott Mordecai

    Thomas Guest

    You sad miserable sod.
    I think you're a miserable sod too, but I do agree with you on the above
    Get a professional, and stick to informal shots.
    Thomas, Jul 13, 2004
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