Wedding Photography - Advice Please

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Scott Mordecai, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Scott Mordecai

    Jason Guest

    Maybe so, but that doesn't change the fact that you're a pretentious,
    condescending asswipe, does it?
    Jason, Jul 14, 2004
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  2. Guess the truth is a little tough to take sometimes, eh?
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 14, 2004
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  3. Scott Mordecai

    badaztek Guest

    heres an idea we do over here to let som of the younger guets those over
    7 and under 17,the photographer gives hem those disposable
    cameras and let them shoot as they are there and when the reception is
    over the photographer gathers up the cameras and and puts the pictures
    with his own as well to give a full effect of the festivties and the
    kids dont feel so left out then too and sometimes its tough to
    be able to get every shot you want especially at a wedding with so much
    going on so it helps out and you get to choose the shots that make it
    into the album with out having to worry about missing something
    good luck and asa 400 should work pretty good just remember to use a
    flash dispersion lens over the flash to keep it more natural looking
    sometimes mine when i dont use one comes out very intense like a mug
    one idead is to use an old worn out t-shirt with the flash on high or a
    piece of white nylons
    over the flash and if you have an adjustable flash that can be turned up
    a piece of construction paper for the flash to reflect off of makes a
    nce soft light as well or a piece of poster board but you do have to
    come up with your own support for it
    hope some of this helps if not oh well i tried
    badaztek, Jul 14, 2004
  4. Scott Mordecai

    Chris Down Guest

    Weddings are not a thing to mess with..

    When my wife and I married just under 11 years ago we spent a lot of time
    selecting a photographer and reading a few horror stories.

    In once case a professional photographer completely screwed up all the
    photos.. not one came out. The bride and groom were of course more than a
    little upset. The bride's father who had paid for the whole gig was even
    more displeased. Being a man of some substance, and unlickily for said
    photographer, a lawyer, he took the matter to court. The photographer tried
    to settle by offering to reimburse the the bride's father in the amount of
    his fee, and a nominal sum to his "distress".
    This was probably most unwise.. lawyers are seldom short of money.. but they
    love to win in court.
    To cut a long story short the bride and groom had their big day over just
    for the camera.. The bill? ... well suffice to say that the photographer
    won't forget it in a hurry.

    I love to photogrpah weddings.. and I have shot poictures at nearly every
    friend's wedding for the past 15 years. But I always insist they hire a
    Pro. I put my "alternative album" together as a gift. Frequently my album
    is the one they prefer, probably for the more natural relaxed style of the
    photos I take.
    But the Pro is the one faced witt th task of getting a perfect shot of every
    group at the wedding. Getting a "few good ones" doesn't cut it.. if you
    don't get a good one of every favourite aunt, chubby bridemaid and old
    school friend the "poor photos" will be talked about at every wedding
    aniversary for decades!

    In the case of my own wedding the rain meant many pics were taken inside.
    They are lovely.. except... hanging on the wall in the background was a
    painting of a lady with her breasts.. but luckily not her nipples.. on show.
    As I am rather taller than average her cleavage is pretty well on the top of
    my head in some shots.
    Chris Down, Jul 14, 2004
  5. Scott Mordecai

    Mike Kohary Guest

    That's pretty amazing...most (all?) wedding photographers have the couple
    sign a contract which explicitly states that the liability for failure to
    deliver for any reason is restricted to fees and deposits paid to that
    point. To have a photographer foot the bill for a second virtual wedding is
    preposterous, even if he didn't have them sign a contract.
    Agreed. I hope the OP got some good shots and that it was clearly
    understood he was simply doing a "favor" for a couple that apparently didn't
    want to hire a pro (hey, believe it or not, some couples don't care about
    certain traditional things, even seemingly important stuff like pictures).
    But if I'd been him, I would have turned them down. Too much potential for
    too many hard feelings.

    Mike Kohary, Jul 14, 2004
  6. I never used contracts, but I did have a competitor who had to restage
    at least two weddings that I'm aware of because of his incompetance.
    At the time, many couples may feel that the traditional images are not
    necessary but as time goes on they will see the value in having had
    them done.
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 14, 2004
  7. Scott Mordecai

    Mike Kohary Guest

    If he'd used contracts, he wouldn't had to have done so. :)

    You did 700 weddings and never used a contract? Surely you encountered
    problems that a contract would have cleared up...why didn't you ever use
    I agree with that also. Fact is, some couples don't know what the hell
    they're doing when they plan their wedding (not to mention they sometimes
    don't know what the hell they're doing getting married in the first place).
    I suspect that when it comes to photographs or video, couples that go the
    cheap route end up regretting it later.

    Mike Kohary, Jul 14, 2004
  8. We did the same thing at our wedding but also had a pro their for the formal
    pics as well. We got equal great memories from both sets of pics
    Paul Richardson, Jul 14, 2004
  9. If he'd used contracts, he wouldn't had to have done so. :)[/QUOTE]

    If he'd been a competant photographer he wouldn't have had to restage
    Never used 'em. But I'm in a small town where just about everybody
    knows everybody else. I required meeting either the bride or groom
    (if not both) some time before the ceremony. They could get to know me
    a bit and I could get to know them. We'd talk about the wedding about how I did the photography...what the could expect,
    etc. So when the day finally arrived there was no misunderstanding
    about how things would work or what they were getting in the end. And
    I was generous with the photographs. Didn't charge by the hour...just
    did packages.
    Photography started 2 hours before the ceremony - no exceptions (except
    the Catholic church on a Saturday night). Explained that they'd look
    much better by doing the formals beforehand and that way they could
    spend time with friends and relative without being hassled by a
    professional photographer. And even though it usually wasn't
    discussed, I figured that things could be wrapped up by two hours after
    the ceremony. But again...flexible if need be on this.
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 14, 2004
  10. Scott Mordecai

    RSD99 Guest

    Please turn **OFF** HTML when posting to newsgroups.
    RSD99, Jul 14, 2004
  11. Scott Mordecai

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Well, if you don't mind my speaking as strongly as you might, you sure
    dodged a bullet. Especially these days, not having things put into writing
    is just playing with fire.

    Kudos to you for surviving, but I wouldn't recommend anyone else try it that
    way. You got lucky (and it's not just your competence, because people sue
    for all sorts of the darndest things, whether they're right or not).

    Mike Kohary, Jul 14, 2004
  12. I agree. It's one reason I haven't started doing them again.
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 15, 2004
  13. Scott Mordecai

    Jason Guest

    Nah, I have no problems at all accepting the fact that you're a bitter has-
    Jason, Jul 16, 2004
  14. Suck my balls
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 16, 2004
  15. Scott Mordecai

    Jason Guest

    Judging from your egotistical pissant ramblings, I very seriously doubt
    that you have any balls at all, has-been.
    Jason, Jul 19, 2004
  16. It's not bragging if you can do it.
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 19, 2004
  17. Scott Mordecai

    Jason Guest

    Sure it is. I don't care what you're capable of doing, if you feel the
    need to come on an Internet message board to brag on yourself to achieve
    some sort of validation for your miserable existence, then yes, you're
    nothing but a braggart.
    Jason, Jul 19, 2004
  18. In the first place I wasn't bragging. Some imbecile asked about
    putting a polarizer on his lens all the time. I said it was a stupid
    idea because...uh...IT'S A STUPID IDEA!

    Sorry I don't fit into your pretty little politically correct world.
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 19, 2004
  19. Scott Mordecai

    Jason Guest

    Ever since I've found this group, all I've seen out of you is
    condescension, bragging, and just flat out being an arrogant asshole.

    Someone who's not an arrogant asshole would try to explain to him why it
    wasn't a good idea so he could learn, no, you just choose to tell him he's
    an idiot and leave it at that.
    Jason, Jul 20, 2004
  20. Here's a quarter...go buy yourself a clue.
    Randall Ainsworth, Jul 20, 2004
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