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Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by gary ralph, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. gary ralph

    gary ralph Guest

    hi all i,m going to a wedding this weekend and have been asked to take the
    photo,s as they are on a budget the camera i,m using is a cannon eos 5000
    would really appreciate some tips on taking good pics its a afternoon garden
    wedding followed by a nightime evening reception i,ve got some 400 speed
    film not sure if that will be suitible for daytime pics any filters i should
    consider getting? camera has a 38-76mm lens
    thanks in advance gary
    gary ralph, Oct 1, 2003
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  2. gary ralph

    DMSX Guest

    Wah! so urgent... Would be nice if you had practise with filters because it
    takes some time to get used to them and know when and where to use them. A
    warming filter would be useful where there's shade since there often times
    is a blue cast. Depending on the pace of the event (often times very
    quick), you won't have time to fit/remove filters and lenses.

    I shoot digital now and don't use any filters. I do use fill flash. Outdoors
    in the shade with no sky or indoors where the ceiling is high, I use a
    Lumniquest Pocket Bouncer (using a Sunpak AF5000). Where there is bright
    background and everyone is under the shade (usually scenics), I fill flash
    (FEL locking only when I am doing scenics with the couple) using a 420ex
    because of it's high-speed sync abilities. Indoors where there is a low
    ceiling, I bounce off the ceiling directly with the flash or have a Stofen
    Omnibounce on the flash. Rarely do I use direct flash as it is too harsh -
    the only time I use it is when the subjet is too far away for the reach of

    400 film is good, but I reckon you can go as low as 200. If only you had
    time to test out the varying films and see the outcomes.

    Hope you have a great time while doing it and everything goes smoothly.

    DMSX, Oct 2, 2003
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  3. gary ralph

    Phil Guest

    Tip #1 - Don't do it!

    Phil, Oct 2, 2003
  4. gary ralph

    max morrison Guest

    Tip #2 -- A cannon will do too much damage. Use a Canon instead.
    -- MM
    max morrison, Oct 2, 2003
  5. gary ralph

    Brenton Guest

    TIP #3 -- if you do do it... start looking for new friends... just
    incase the photos do not work out properly.
    Brenton, Oct 2, 2003
  6. gary ralph

    Shane Baker Guest

    Use fill flash for everything.

    Good luck.

    Shane Baker

    Canberra, Australia
    Shane Baker, Oct 2, 2003
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