Wedding Video Turns Bad In Toronto

Discussion in 'Photography' started by free-newswire, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. A Toronto couple who were married last year have a few words of advice
    for couples planning a wedding. Beware of who you hire for various
    aspects of your wedding event.

    The couple hired Via Netspace, a wedding videographer in Toronto, to
    make a video of their wedding. Approximately eight months after their
    wedding, the couple received a wedding video that they were not happy

    When the couple indicated to the videographer that they would like some

    additional edits made to the video, they received an email from the
    videographer that said: "Keep your money! My company is one of the best

    in the field (top 10), and since I have only have great dificulty with
    people of the jamican community. I of this date will not accept job of
    them. this said, enjoy your video."

    The couple also advises, that if you ever receive something less than
    you bargained for, or received poor customer service, there are steps
    you can take, such as informing the Better Business Buareau and the
    Ministry of Consumer Affairs to file a formal complaint.
    free-newswire, Mar 16, 2006
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