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Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Deathwalker, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. Deathwalker

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    no one would go first to set up the lighting. So muggins put his hand up
    didn't he (that's me).

    Unused to a real tripod i had to get some help.

    Then the lighting. The ambient lights stayed on so that made really harsh
    shadows difficult. Couldn't find two 'red head' lights that worked so had
    to make do with one. used a huge slab of polystyrene as a reflector. Had a
    very large roll of green as a background. Teacher called it a 'colourama'
    (thats colorama to some of you). Also had another light with a huge
    diffuser on it. Surprisingly even with all this light shutter speeds were
    slow. 1/20 or less. Now the cameras on a tripod but i'm not sure if that
    is enough to stop the model blurring. So i cranked the iso up on my camera
    to 400.

    Yes good old 300d. two other students were given the studio fuji 6900s. So
    one of them used my camera. He also insisted on using the raw setting. I
    never took the canon stuff out of the cellophane (scuse spelling). I don't
    suppose there is a raw plugin for photoshop 7 or do i have make do with the
    canon thing?

    Anyway tried a few shots with the diffuser on and off. The rookie model was
    very keen. A bit too keen. slightly impatient. Fortunately i was wise
    enough to plan much of the setup using another student and then call the
    model when i was roughly there. In the end i stood by the model and
    demonstrated what i wanted. He still went side on in the end.

    Despite only one small spotlight he sweated alot. No aircon in this place
    and we were hot behind the camera.

    I still haven't got the hang of this posting to the web thing. Does anyone
    want to see a shrunk (35kb or so) shot or two directly?
    Deathwalker, Jun 17, 2004
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