What does SI mean?

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Andrew McCall, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Hi Folks,

    I have been following this newsgroup for about a week now and I keep
    seeing posts with SI, [SI] or (SI) in them. I have tried to do a
    Google for it, but can't really see anything that it could mean.

    Can someone let me in on the secret?


    Andrew "I know I am going to feel so dumb when someone answers this
    post " McCall.
    Andrew McCall, Dec 16, 2003
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  2. Andrew McCall

    Double D Guest

    [SI] Shoot-in: http://www.Pbase.com/shootin (weekly shooting activity,
    mostly film but digital is welcome, discussion here)

    [SU] ShootUp 2004: http://ShootUp2004.fotopic.net (monthly shooting
    activity, mostly digital but film is welcome, discussion in
    Double D, Dec 16, 2003
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  3. Andrew McCall

    Mr Blobby Guest

    Feel free to ask any questions about Either [SI] Shoot In or [SU] Shoot Up,
    we are all here to help, most of us anyway.

    Just don't be put off by the Troll that seems to plaguing both groups and
    may even try to put you off directly, give it a go its fun and anybody can
    do it !

    Mr Blobby, Dec 16, 2003
  4. Ah! thats great thanks. I would love to take part in something like
    this - it should give me something to do until I start college, but
    weekly! How do you develop your films so fast!? Do you just take the
    film out of the camera, then scan them straight in before developing
    them? Doesn't this cost a fortune in film and developing costs?
    My Nikon FM2N should have been shipped to my today, so I wouldn't dare
    enter with my Kodak DC210 just yet :) I have taken a few pictures I
    like though at http://www.pbase.com/amccall - but these are my first
    pictures that are not just me and my friends messing around in the
    pool on holiday or something, and I think I did too much PhotoShop on
    them anyway :(


    Andrew McCall
    Andrew McCall, Dec 16, 2003
  5. Andrew McCall

    Alan Browne Guest

    Andrew McCall wrote:

    If you shoot Sat-Sun...Wed, then you have ample time to get the film
    developed and to scan the prints or the film on time for the next
    Sunday. If not, look at your older photos for a fit. The idea of
    course is to get shots in on time... (I confess to be less than 100%
    within the rulz of late).
    For some of the shootins I've bought cheap 8,12,24 roll of film and had
    them developed at a 1-hour place nearby.
    Alan Browne, Dec 16, 2003
  6. Andrew McCall

    Matt Clara Guest

    Film has to be developed, or it has no picture on it. One could take the
    film and have it developed and then have no prints made from it and take it
    home and scan it, but that won't save on time, only space.
    Matt Clara, Dec 16, 2003
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