What gear is needed for serious video editing?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by fast, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. fast

    fast Guest

    Hi all. I was once a film student but have been working in freaking
    financial publishing for the last 4 years. Some friends and I are
    looking to start or join a local film/video cooperative & particularly
    interested in documentary production, but we are completely lacking
    any skills or the necessary gear. As it happens, both my laptop and
    home desktop are getting old so I?m looking to make a purchase that
    will at least be of use in making a start in video editing. I?m at a
    total loss in choosing a system. Is it worth switching to a Mac or
    some other system for serious editing? I figure there will be a
    substantial learning curve before I become proficient enough in the
    process to do serious work, so would it be a waste to invest in a top
    of the line G5 and FCP at this point? Should I get a cheaper laptop to
    mess around with (and for my work of course) and invest in a proper
    system later? Can serious editing be done on a high-end laptop (eg
    Dell Inspiron 8600) with Adobe Premiere? When will we see G5 imacs &
    powerbooks from Apple? I only have so much money...some guidance

    p.s. is there a book or resource that covers all this?
    fast, Sep 8, 2003
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  2. fast

    Tim Mitchell Guest

    Editing can be done on most machines; you need a lot of hard disk space
    and some way of getting the video in and out (usually firewire), neither
    of which is available on cheaper laptops, but can be done easily on a
    cheap desktop. Faster processors increase the rendering speed for fades
    & effects you add on to the video. I'm a PC man myself but I know some
    people who swear by Macs, I think it depends what you're used to.

    There are quite a few companies who specialise in building computers for
    video editing, I'd talk to one of them, they come up in google if you
    have a search.
    Tim Mitchell, Sep 9, 2003
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