what happens when resizing ?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Svein Olav Steinmo, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Hi !

    I use a 6.3mp camera, and shoots in raw. I develop the raw files in capture
    one, and use tif as output file type. when making the tif-file, the program
    is set to use 300dpi, and the size of the picture is 6,84 by 10,25 inch.

    So, what happens when I print the picture in A3 or A3+, and resize it to fit
    the paper ? Would it be better to make the tif-file in 200dpi (to get a bigger
    picture) ?

    Svein Olav
    Svein Olav Steinmo, Feb 24, 2004
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  2. Your camera captures a total of 6.3 MP
    The fact that the program saves images at 6.84 x 10.25" at 300 pixels/inch is just
    a bookkeeping procedure. Ignore it.
    Your program will let you resize the image to any size you choose, at a
    correspondingly lower resolution (pixels/inch).
    For instance, if you wanted to print a picture at say, A3 (11.7 x 16.6"), without
    RESAMPLING, you would notice that the resolution automatically changes to: 175
    ppi. (11.7 x 175) X (16.6 x 175) = 6.3 MP
    175 ppi will produce a pretty nice print. But if you so desire, you can have your
    photo editor "invent" some more pixels and insert them in the proper place and
    your print may LOOK a little smoother. To do this tell your editor to Resample the
    image to 11.7 x 16.6" at say 240ppi and you will see the new image has 2808 x 3984
    = 9.6 MP.
    Where did the extra 3.3 MP come from?..... Out of thin air.
    Your Editor invented them according to its own resampling algorithm. Which, BTW,
    is usually pretty intelligent.
    Bob Williams
    Robert E. Williams, Feb 25, 2004
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