What is an affordable, versatile scanner for negatives and prints?

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by henri, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. henri

    henri Guest

    [Note Followup-to: redirect to rec.photo.digital only, which you can
    ignore if you want.]

    While I'm aware, from reading some earlier threads on scanners
    in these groups, that this is a "semi-dumb" question, I haven't quite
    found the answer I'm looking for.

    I am looking for a scanner that can do 120 and 220 medium format film,
    as well as 35, and can handle prints, too. I do not need "professional"
    quality, but I would like at least good enough that the results aren't
    offensive to the eye (as many low end scanners are).

    Now, in most electronic gadgets, there seems to be a range of products.
    There is the very best, which gets the best results possible, functions
    at the highest level, and is insanely expensive. Then there is pure junk,
    which gets crappy results, works poorly, and is cheap as dirt.

    I'm looking for something that gets good results, may have some quirky
    behaviors or other inconveniences, and is at the lower end of reasonably
    priced (or has been around long enough that used items are pretty easy
    to find). I'd basically like something that isn't going to lose a tremendous
    amount of quality in the scan, produces results that can be turned into
    something reasonably presentable in Photoshop or other software, and
    isn't insanely difficult to use.

    So, to put it another way, if you were not recommending a product for your
    technically illiterate grandmother, but instead, were recommending a product
    for your somewhat cheap brother-in-law, who had a medium format TLR camera
    and a 35mm SLR camera, and wanted to do a couple dozen scans a month,
    what would you recommend?
    henri, Jun 6, 2006
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