What ISO for Fuji NPS 160

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Mike Jenkins, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. Mike Jenkins

    Mike Jenkins Guest

    Hi, I've been asked to shoot an informal wedding for a friend. Someone has
    recommended to the groom Fuji NPS 160 and NPH 400. I was going to shoot
    Kodak Portra, but he's insisting on the Fuji. My question is: at what speed
    should I shoot the Fuji?

    Fuji recommends shooting at 160 and 400. I've heard 100 and 250 will give
    better results. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance, Mike
    Mike Jenkins, Jul 30, 2003
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  2. You do know what you're getting yourself into, don't you? Getting
    pressed into unpaid wedding duty is bad enough, but having other
    people micro managing your film choice is beyond the pale.

    Pick up a roll of NPS. Find a couple of volunteers and have one of
    them wear black and the other white. Shoot 18 shots indoors, 6 at
    100, 6 at 125, and 6 at 160. Repeat the sequence outdoors. If you
    can, take the film to the lab you planned on using for the wedding.
    (You have chosen a lab, right?) If not, even a one hour service is
    better than going in blind.

    Examine the pics and decide which you like. There is no universal
    "right" ISO setting -- it depends on your equipment and preferences.
    The last time I used NPS I rated it at 125, but I've had excellent
    results at 160 as well.
    Michael Benveniste, Jul 30, 2003
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  3. Mike Jenkins

    Hickster0711 Guest

    "I don't know what the road to success is, but I do know that trying to please
    everybody is the guaranteed road to failure". Bill Cosby. Years ago, common
    practice was to go to the best pro lab around, ask them what they have the best
    luck with, and shoot a test with that combination. But shooting what some guy
    told some guy was good is just nuts. For all we know, some body got a
    disposable Fuji at a wedding, and they actually came out. In real life I think
    the difference in a 10 AM shot and 2 PM shot would be a lot greater than the
    difference between NPS and Portra, and the choice of labs puts it off the
    scale. You have to shoot test rolls. No way out. Bob Hickey
    Hickster0711, Jul 30, 2003
  4. Mike Jenkins

    Alan Browne Guest

    1) If the groom is telling you what film to use, tell him to hire a

    2) We're talking negatives here, so over exposing by less than a stop is
    hardly dangerous.

    3) Speaking of dangerous, ...read all posts in the past regarding
    wedding photography.

    Alan Browne, Jul 30, 2003
  5. If you don't have time to shoot any test rolls, and for this to be
    effective, you need to do it under conditions close to those of the wedding,
    stick to the rated ISO. I've had very good results with it at 160, and see
    no reason to vary from that, myself.
    By the way, my dad once said that the best way to lose a friend is to shoot
    his (or her) wedding...If your friend trusts you enough to shoot his
    wedding, then he should trust you enough to let you use the film you are
    most comfortable with. If I were you, I'd suggest he get another
    Skip Middleton, Jul 30, 2003
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