What machines/OS have you used Pinnacle Studio on either successfully or unsuccessfully?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Doc, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Since experiences with Pinnacle Studio seems to be very machine dependent,
    it would probably be interesting to see what the setup is/was of those who
    have in the past or currently use it, and perhaps see if any patterns

    I'll start -

    PS8 SE - Came bundled with the first DVD burner I bought at Best Buy. Always
    hitchy and undependable, prone to crashing for no particular reason I could
    ever discern. I think it may have been related to whether someone watched an
    Edward G. Robinson movie somewhere within a 10 mile radius. As a side note,
    the Pinnacle burning software that came with the same burner didn't work
    worth a damn either. The manuf. apparently got so many complaints, they were
    just giving away unlock codes to use with the d/l Demo version of Nero6,
    which has worked flawlessly btw.

    Used PS8 on 2 systems:

    IBM PIII 300 PL 550mhz, Win98SE, 384 megs ram, O/S drive was a 10 gig
    Seagate I believe (now deceased), with a second dedicated WD 60 gig 7200
    rpm, 2meg cache drive for capture, both FAT32, Pinnacle DC10-Plus capture
    card, Audigy2 soundcard, whatever the onboard video was.

    Compaq Deskpro EN PIII 933 mhz, XP Home, 512 megs ram, Audigy2 swapped over
    from the other system, 20 gig Maxtor or Seagate Drive, don't recall offhand,
    dedicated 120 gig 7200 rpm 8 meg cache WD drive for capture, both NTFS, same
    DC10-Plus card as above swapped over, onboard video.

    Worked about the same on both. Multiple reinstalls of PS8 yielded no
    discernable change. Followed all suggestions of Pinnacle Tech support with
    no appreciable change. Tried various "tweaks for video" on the computer.
    After one clean O/S reinstall on the first system, I just got different

    PS9 - Got an unregistered copy off Ebay, used it on the second system above.
    Recently I put in a modest 64 meg video card. Didn't seem to change the
    functionality one way or the other. Has worked pretty well. Has crashed a
    handful of times in the approximately 1 1/2 years I've had it, pretty much
    always seems to be due to trying to go ahead too quickly. The main glitch
    was that the out of the box version was missing the DVD ripping
    functionality, subsequent updates fixed this. Capture on both the DC10-Plus
    card and Firewire off a Dig8 cam through the Audigy Firewire port seems to
    work fine. Never tried Firewire capture with PS8, didn't have a digital cam
    at the time. I think I piddled with mpeg2 capture once on a short capture,
    but it seemed like a cumbersome process to capture, then wait for the system
    to process it, haven't fooled with it since.

    I've never bought any unlock keys for the numerous "extras", nor have I
    updated it to the PS9-Plus, so there are many effects that I haven't tried
    such as chroma key, pan and scan etc. so I can't comment on how well they

    I use Soundforge to tweak the audio of the source clips, rather than
    whatever tools PS9 has, which seem rudimentary. I've never done any surround
    sound stuff.
    Doc, Mar 19, 2006
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  2. Doc

    Mr Blobby Guest

    I've never had any problems with Studios 7 to 9 on various Intel based
    computers froma P2-500 to P4-3GHZ. I tried it on a Celeron once and it
    wouldn't capture properly but that might have been a problem with the
    DC10 card.
    Mr Blobby, Mar 19, 2006
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  3. Stay away from mainboards with onboard VGA. For some reason these pose
    problems in nearly all capture devices, including those more expensive than
    the DC10. Slot selection is the next big piece of the puzzle.

    Properly setting up any hardware based capture computer should go as

    Begin with only the VGA card in its' proper slot, preferrably AGP VGA card
    is used. Install OS which matches the version of software and driver for the
    capture card. Install any and all software to be used within the OS, except
    that for the capture card - unless it is Adobe Premiere or other NLE
    software. But nothing directly related to the capture card proper.

    Many times cards such as the DC10 work best in the first slot next to the
    VGA card, or only one away from that. Placing the capture card in the system
    is the next step. Once this is done start the system and insstall the
    drivers and related software. When complete shut down the system and install
    the sound card.

    Sometimes the sound card will work best in either the slot between the VGA
    and capture card if the latter is one away from the former. Otherwise the
    slot after the capture card may work best. Sometimes it is necessary to
    place the sound card in the next to the last PCI slot for best operation.
    The last PCI slot is normally the best for placing the network card.

    When building a system for video capture always install the OS with VGA
    first, software second, capture card after all the software, then the sound
    card, then the network LAN card. NEVER run the OS with all the cards in
    their respective slots. Layering these is the best method and resources are
    given where resources are needed the most using this method.
    Larry Johnson, Mar 19, 2006
  4. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Can you be more specific? A lot of people, including myself, have had
    problems with "Intel Based" machines.
    Doc, Mar 20, 2006
  5. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Never "run" or never install? Never run doesn't make any sense.
    Doc, Mar 20, 2006
  6. Sorry, install.

    Larry Johnson, Mar 20, 2006
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