What Printer for a Sony Cyber Shot DSC.P72 3.2 mega Pixel

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Dave Watson, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. Dave Watson

    Dave Watson Guest


    My brothers wife has asked that I post a question to this ng on her behalf
    and she would like to know what is the best printer available to print off
    her holiday snaps. They are going on a mega cruise in a couple of weeks and
    want to frame some snaps I suppose for posterity.

    They currently have a Epson Stylus Color 680 and a Sony Cybershot DSC-P72
    Mega Pixel camera and to quote her as previously arranged and approved by
    her "The problem I have is that although the prints are ok you can see
    faint lines on the print even though I have cleaned the printer heads.
    Thanks very much. Sheryl"

    Any suggestions of a decent printer either inkjet or laser up to possibly
    £150 mark.


    Dave Watson, Jan 19, 2004
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  2. Dave Watson

    MJ Guest

    After spending a small fortune printing out old family photos over the
    past few weeks I've just tried Ofoto http://www.ofoto.co.uk/ (owned by
    Kodak). I've had a batch of 6 x 4 black & white ones printed for 19p
    each and they are in overall terms way better than what I produced on
    my £360 Canon 9100. The print quality is excellent, and no colour cast
    for those interested in printing black & white. High gloss paper, and
    as long lasting as normal photos. You can get 3 6 x 4 prints off a
    sheet of A4 paper, or 4 if you crop them a bit (assuming she knows how
    and has a prog to do it). Work out the cost of a sheet of good photo
    paper, take a stab at how much ink you would use and the cost of
    cartridges, and think whether it's worth all the hassle of trying to
    do it yourself, taking in to account the time and waste (and there
    will be some waste during the learning stage, printer maintenance,
    clogged heads, and a lot of time - lots and lots). You can do some
    basic editing, cropping etc online (didn't try it myself though).
    Given the size of the P72 images, a broadband connection would be a
    distinct advantage. I uploaded 25 pics totalling about 22mb and it
    only took 5 to 10 mins (if that). A normal dial-up connection would be

    Then there's http://www.photobox.co.uk/. which is highly rated. One of
    the current digital photo mags (maybe Digital Camera) has reviews on a
    few online printers.

    I noticed another alternative last night. My newly refurbished Tesco
    has had a photo developing section installed. On the counter was a
    machine with slots for all the card types, a cd-rom and floppy disk
    drive. Offload your pictures there and get them printed for 19p each.

    Then there's a small dye sub printer like the Canon CP 100/200/300
    series. To use a non-Canon camera you need a cable to link it to your
    pc. Produces stunning 6x4 prints at around 35p each.

    So unless she wants to become a hands-on hobbyist doing all her own
    printing, I'd suggest looking at the two sites above and anything
    resembling the Tesco offering in your area. I'll still be doing lots
    of my own printing, but not so much of the 6 x 4 holiday snaps now.

    MJ, Jan 20, 2004
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  3. Dave Watson

    Dave Watson Guest


    Thanks for the reply. I think the safest option will be for them to have
    their images printed as you have described above i.e. by a 3rd party due to
    Sheryl and my brother not really being interested in becoming hobbyists.
    I've forwarded them your reply in full.


    Dave Watson, Jan 20, 2004
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