What program its used to create this maps?????

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Iacono Marco, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. Iacono Marco

    Iacono Marco Guest

    Iacono Marco, Oct 22, 2003
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  2. Marco,
    In my opinion the best program for this type of stuff is Illustrator, if
    you know Freehand then that is a possibility.

    Joanne Weston, Oct 22, 2003
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  3. Iacono Marco

    except Guest

    An italian Vector program. Who knows? Not with lightwave, not photoshop, not
    pagemaker, is it not a tablet, therefore you're pretty much crossposting to
    a whole bunch of erroneous newsgroups.

    Hi other crosspost-victims!
    except, Oct 22, 2003
  4. Iacono Marco

    Tesselator Guest

    Actually it could indeed be Lightwave, it could be Photoshop, and
    it could even have been put together in Pagemaker with a tablet.

    I don't read italliano so I donno if it says but wouldn't be
    easier to find the owner of www.guideiacono.it/piantine.htm
    and ask him?
    Tesselator, Oct 22, 2003
  5. Iacono Marco

    John McGerr Guest

    I don't know Italian either but this bit here 'E' un programma di cad'
    suggests the maps were done with a CAD program.
    John McGerr
    John McGerr, Oct 23, 2003
  6. Iacono Marco

    Tesselator Guest

    There ya go! It was made with "Di CAD"....

    O :)
    Tesselator, Oct 23, 2003
  7. "E' un programma di cad sicuramente ed avrà degli oggetti già predisposti da
    andare a modificare, ci saranno delle librerie da modificare."

    Google translation: <a program of cad sure and will have of the objects
    already predisposed to go to modify, will be of the bookcases to modify>
    *maybe it says; a CAD program will already have a built-in library of

    "Interessante perché crea anche delle piantine e degli spaccati."

    Google translation: <Interesting because it creates also of the
    piantine and of it cracks to you.>
    *maybe it says; it also creates patina and texture

    "Grazie a chi saprà darmi una mano d'aiuto"
    Google translation: <Thanks to who will know give to me one aid hand>
    *maybe it says Thanks in Advance.
    John Harris, III, Oct 23, 2003
  8. Iacono Marco

    Gareth Jax Guest

    Let me help, because i'm italian too :)
    Correct! He state that it should be a cad software with built-in library
    of objects.

    Nope: Piantina is a italian jargon for Map/floorplan.
    Spaccato/i is the italian word for Cross-section/s.
    (humorous translations corner: "Piantina" could also mean "little tree"
    and "spaccato" also mean "Broken" ;)

    Correct :)

    Google translations are quite good! Babelfish was much more funny :)

    Gareth Jax
    Ihgger #7*3*2
    Indegno Neurone della Mente alveare
    Big Bad of Con-Fu Fighting
    avvistatore su ihgg di Vincenzo Beretta
    Gareth Jax, Oct 23, 2003
  9. ROTFL. But no, there are no additional infos on that webpage - in
    fact, it's made by the same guy who started this thread and basically
    it just says "what the hell did they use to do this stuff?!"

    My guess is Curious World Maps, btw. Amazing piece of software, too
    bad about the price...

    Alessandro D. Petaccia, Oct 23, 2003
  10. Iacono Marco

    except Guest

    Oh comeon tess, it wasnt made in LW or Pagemaker. Thats like building a
    skyscraper out of live ants. YEs, it IS possible...
    Ps could, but highly doubtfull.
    except, Oct 23, 2003
  11. Iacono Marco

    Tesselator Guest

    I donno... I had a student get his entry for the Wavey awards
    rejected twice cuz they didn't believe it was made in LW. They
    backed down when I sicked the principal on them. But it looked
    almost like the same style as those stills shown in this example.

    So I really gotta say that while they probably aren't LW there's
    *no way* I would claim to /know/ with _any_ defree of certainty.

    Even moreso now that it's been established that the text messages
    were written by the same guy who originally asked about it here.
    Tesselator, Oct 24, 2003
  12. I agree. Illustrator is the only way to fly.

    Also, you can scale all you want without loosing quality.
    Robert Jennings, Oct 24, 2003
  13. Iacono Marco

    Paul Andrews Guest

    Err.. no.
    Yes, but why do you think only illustrator does this?


    Paul Andrews, Oct 25, 2003
  14. If your going to shell out your cash you may as well get the most for your
    money. As I said - In my opinion Illustrator is the best for this - I know
    Illustrator is the not the only one that does this, which is why I took the
    trouble to mention another popular app.

    Joanne Weston, Oct 25, 2003
  15. Iacono Marco

    CWCunningham Guest

    Corel Draw is another excellent vector app. It's had a lot of the Xara *new*
    features for years, and comes with CD's full of clipart.

    I'm not suggesting it's better than Illustrator, or Xara, since I've never
    used these. But it is a good app, and comes with lot's of other support
    apps, so it's worth a look for those interested.

    More than just a breakfast drink.
    --- Sign on a tavern wall ---
    CWCunningham, Oct 25, 2003
  16. Iacono Marco

    Jim Dynes Guest

    Err yes!!
    He never said that!! You are putting words in his mouth. He said " Also, you
    can scale all you want without loosing quality."

    Most people already have Illustrator. I don't know of anyone who has xarax.
    Jim Dynes, Oct 26, 2003
  17. Iacono Marco

    Hecate Guest

    Also, if you're doing stuff that needs to end up on the web, Freehand
    is now a much better choice than it used to be. (yes, I know you don't
    use vectors on the web, but it has a number of features Illustrator
    doesn't have and integrates well with DW and FW.
    Hecate, Oct 26, 2003
  18. Iacono Marco

    Paul Andrews Guest

    If you haven't checked out Xarax you are in no position to judge.

    I do and have used it for years. If you have a few moments to spare you
    could try the trial out and take a look at the tutorials and forums:
    http://www.xaraxone.com/ many users of xarax are ex-illustrator users. Xarax
    is a well kept secret because the developers dont have adobe's advertising

    Xarax is fast, powerfull and easy to use.

    Paul Andrews, Oct 26, 2003
  19. Iacono Marco

    Paul Andrews Guest

    I would say Xarax is definitely the most for the money - it costs
    considerably less than illustrator and many Xarax users are ex-illustrator
    users. If someone is going to buy a program, then why not check out
    illustrator and Xarax?

    Paul Andrews, Oct 26, 2003
  20. "Vectors on the web" is usually the domain of Flash / Shockwave. :eek:)

    For "professional" use you really need to stick with Freehand or
    Illustrator if you want to make it easier to get a job - although some
    places may well use other applications, they are by far the minority
    .... at the moment.

    Illustrator's similarity to Adobe's other products makes it ideal for a
    simple workflow using Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop and/or GoLive, as
    well as being a part some of Adobe's bundle boxes (which makes it
    cheaper too if you need to buy all/most of the applications at one

    Helpful Harry
    "Just trying to help whenever I can." :eek:)
    Helpful Harry, Oct 26, 2003
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