What scaling plugin? Genuine Fractals or SizeFixer?

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by budabuda_, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. budabuda_

    budabuda_ Guest

    I'm planning to buy a image scaling software / plugin. I have some
    experience of Genuine Fractals, but is it the best scaler around?
    budabuda_, Oct 26, 2005
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  2. Try this free one before you spend.

    Open an image you want res up.

    Open the Actions palette and select "New Set".

    Name it "Creeping Increase" or whatever you like.

    Now select New Action and call it "1.5 Increase"

    Next go to Image/Size and put a check in "Resample" and "Constrain

    with Bicubic and change the width drop down to "percent" and enter 110.

    Now go to "Image Size" do the same 3 more times.

    Then "Stop Recording"

    Next "New Action" Name it "2.0 Increase"

    Now "Edit/Purge All"

    Next select the "1.5 Increase" in the Actions Palette

    and press the Play button.

    select the "1.5 Increase" again,

    press the Play button again.

    Stop Recording.

    "New Action" Name it 3.0 Increase.

    "Edit/Purge All"

    Select and play the "2.0 Increase"

    Select and play the "1.5 Increase"

    Stop Recording.

    "New Action" Name it 4.0 Increase.

    "Edit/Purge All"

    Select and play the "3.0 Increase"

    Now "Image Size" 110 percent.

    And again "Image Size" 110 percent.

    Stop Recording.

    Save the Action.
    /\\BratMan/\\, Oct 26, 2005
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  3. budabuda_

    Tacit Guest

    Genuine Fractals is a so-so program marketed aggressively and, in my
    opinion, unethically, with outrageous claims that neither it nor any
    other program can live up to.

    The fact is, if you think you need to buy a scaler, then you need to sit
    down and re-think what you are doing. Nothing, absolutely nothing--no
    program, no algorithm, no technique--can increase the number of pixels
    in an image and create detail that is not there in the original. It
    cannot be done. All scaling programs will always and forever degrade the
    quality of the image.

    Genuine Fractals sometimes produces results that are somewhat better
    than Photoshop's interpolation on some images--emphasis on "sometimes,"
    "somewhat," and "some images."

    Why do you need to scale images? Why not just create the images at the
    proper resolution to begin with?
    Tacit, Oct 26, 2005
  4. Because not everyone can afford a Canon 1Ds MkII?
    Johan W. Elzenga, Oct 26, 2005
  5. budabuda_

    Beeder Guest

    Why not just uncheck the "resample" option in Photoshop and lower your
    ppi in the Image Size dialog? Depending on what the image is for,
    anywhere between 70 and 400 should be acceptable, and even the cheapest
    of digicams are much higher than 70ppi. There's only so much
    "generated" information you can add to an image before it starts to
    become visibly degraded.

    BTW, filter noise out if it's apparent before doing any sort of
    enlargement (else, of course, the noisy pixels enlarge also...).
    Beeder, Oct 28, 2005
  6. budabuda_


    Dec 23, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Wow that's a sentence. Forever is a long time...

    It looks like with super-resolution techniques the details that are not in one original can be added when doing several shots from the same scene.
    See photoacute.com for example. Sizefixer seems to use a similar technology, and gives better results than Genuine Fractals when enlarging.
    hamoid, Dec 23, 2007
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