What to expect in Camcorders this coming year in $2k-$3k range? I'm waiting to buy --

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Randyman, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Randyman

    Randyman Guest

    I purchased Adobe Video Collection Standard when it was at a bargain price.
    I already own PS. I want to get into home movie making, but I want to wait
    until higher resolution camcorders come out. There seems to be only one
    high definition model out, and it does not seem like much of a camera for
    the money. I would like to play my movie on a wide screen HDTV off home
    made DVDs. Since I'm waiting on camera model changes, I ordered Adobe
    Classroom books for Premiere Pro, After Effects 6, and Encore DVD. These
    books have DVDs with digital footage I can work with to learn about film
    editing. I have the patience to wait until better camcorder models come
    out, but I'll need digital footage to work on until I find the right camera.
    What do you think of my plan to wait for maybe 6 mo. to a year for better
    camcorders? Is there anywhere I can buy more digital footage (as you see I'm
    even ignorant of exact format now) to practice with on the software I
    purchased? My computer is already setup for video editing. Thanks for any
    suggestions of what I should expect and/or do in regards to camcorders in
    the next year.

    Sincerely -- Randyman
    Randyman, Dec 19, 2003
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  2. Randyman

    Ed Guest

    Something strikes me as strange. Did you get the video collection without
    having a camera of any kind? If it's just that you have an analog camera I
    suggest getting a capture device and practicing with your own video or just
    go get cheap dv camera. Making good home movies starts with having good
    footage to work with. Mastering Adobe will take some time and practice but
    part of the process of learning how to edit is knowing what to shoot in the
    1st place.

    You can buy stock footage various places. Just do a google search.

    Also take a look at http://creative.gettyimages.com/source/archivefilms/
    Ed, Dec 19, 2003
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  3. Randyman

    Randyman Guest

    Yep-- Ed that right. I have great SLR equipment, but no video camera. The
    cash is coming -- nice lawsuit stuff from a hosp. nearly killing my father;
    he likes to help his son (thank God). I've worked with Adobe PS and other
    Adobe progs; I bought the Video suite when I did because I was going to get
    it anyway sometime in Feb. 2004; by buying it in Nov. this year I received
    $200 off the regular price. I understand what your saying about what to
    shoot, etc. Since mastering the progs will take time, I can start now with
    stock footage in the Adobe Class Room Books and anywhere else I can get it.
    I want a good camera (HDef. if possible -- the stuff I mentioned in the
    first post)when I buy, because I doubt if I'll be able to replace it for
    many years. Thanks for the links Ed; any other info Ed and other folks have
    will be appreciated. I'm disabled with migraines and screwed up with other
    sh-t; so, I have the time in-between the misery. Happy "Healthy" Holidays

    Sincerely --- Randyman
    Randyman, Dec 19, 2003
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