What's the best film scanner ?

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by NickTheBatMan, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. That's a very subjective question I know, but my problem is that I've
    inherited about 30,000 - yes I mean that number ! - negatives and
    transparencies when my father died 3 years ago.

    He was a Pro for some years so there's lots of good images in there
    and I want to be able to share them with the world using something
    like Photobucket etc...

    I want to scan them so that I can decide what to do with them... I
    currently have a Canoscan 9400 but it's WAY too slow and I'm getting
    nowhere very slowly !

    I have a few 100 UKP to spend, I want something that's going to do the
    job quickly, it doesn't have really have to be too good quality but
    that will be an added bonus...

    Ideas/pointers very gratefully received.


    Nick in North Yorkshire
    NickTheBatMan, Aug 31, 2008
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  2. NickTheBatMan

    Noons Guest

    NickTheBatMan wrote,on my timestamp of 1/09/2008 7:15 AM:
    Ouch! I was going to throw in a remark of "the one that
    works for you", but 30000 is a real problem...

    If they are 35mm, try a coolscan 5000 second hand
    on epay. They are the fastest on that format
    and not terribly expensive. And the resale value
    is always high. Or grab one of the last coolscan V
    models, they are not made anymore but the few still
    around are being grabbed faster than you can
    say hello!...

    The other possibility then is a flatbed of better quality,
    say a V750 or so.

    You got them. Hope it helps.
    Noons, Sep 1, 2008
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  3. Many thanks for the pointers, I was thinking of ePay anyway but don't
    know what to look for... now I've a pointer :)

    The vast majority are 35mm with a few Medium Format thrown in but the
    current Canoscan will handle them nicely...

    NickTheBatMan, Sep 1, 2008
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