Whats the diff between photoshop and imageready please??

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Gordon Scott, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Gordon Scott

    Gordon Scott Guest


    I'm new to photoshop, maybe someone has some good resources to start me
    on my way.
    I'm somewhat visual, so sites/tutorials that have lottsa screenshots etc
    would benefit me.


    Gordon Scott, Nov 16, 2003
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  2. What is such info worth to you?
    Into The Void, Nov 16, 2003
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  3. Gordon Scott

    Richard H Guest

    This may help (?)

    Richard H, Nov 16, 2003
  4. Gordon Scott

    Hecate Guest

    You better be visual if you're doing graphics :)

    In answer to your question:

    Photoshop is the best raster image manipulation program on the market.

    Image Ready is the worst web image manipulation program anywhere.

    For tutorials try looking at www.myjanee.com
    Hecate, Nov 17, 2003
  5. Gordon Scott

    Gordon Scott Guest

    thank you :)
    Gordon Scott, Nov 17, 2003
  6. Gordon Scott

    Robert Guest

    To be honest, it's not worth downloading Image Ready. I personally
    never use it. Try Dreamweaver for that, or Namo, which is very cheap
    Robert, Nov 20, 2003
  7. ImageReady is (as it says) used for making Images ready for the web(or other
    things).Using some sort of compression on the images you can se the result
    with different compressions/colors. You can slice the images and make
    rollovers too.
    Photoshop is for advansed editing of graphics and images.
    Espen Rosenvold, Nov 20, 2003
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