Where and how much to Scan 35mm and Medium Format Film?

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by ron, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. ron

    ron Guest

    Where is a good place to have 35mm and medium format negatives
    scanned? Approximatley how much should I be paying for this service
    (is it priced per negative?)

    The negatives that I will be scanning are wedding photos....how much
    would a decent scanner cost me if I chose to do this myself?
    Suggested models? I have an Epson flatbed 1660, but I don't think
    that will cut the mustard.

    ron, Oct 26, 2004
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  2. Any pro lab these days should offer such services. Price range will
    be from medium to high though. Your best bet is if you can find
    somebody still offering Kodak Photo CD services (not Picture CD, a
    much lower quality service). Otherwise you'll be paying $10/scan and
    You can get a pretty darned decent 35mm film scanner for $500, or a
    first-rate one for around $1000. But that doesn't help you with the
    medium format. For that you either need a rather expensive flatbed
    and still accept some quality tradeoffs (say the Epson 4870), or else
    an even more expensive unit like the Nikon LS-8000.
    David Dyer-Bennet, Oct 26, 2004
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