Where are Pentax DSLRs and Lenses Made?

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by RiceHigh, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. RiceHigh

    RiceHigh Guest

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  2. RiceHigh

    Charlie Self Guest

    Charlie Self, Dec 22, 2006
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  3. RiceHigh

    RiceHigh Guest

    Have you really read before making any reply? The labels do NOT show
    any place of origin (so, how can you "see where it's made"? (well,
    you're in America so the problem won't apply to you, though!)

    I've no big concern on where it's made, provided that quality of the
    products are good, but just people keep asking and I give an answer to


    Charlie Self ¼g¹D¡G
    RiceHigh, Dec 23, 2006
  4. RiceHigh

    John Francis Guest

    Have you even *looked* at any recent Pentax equipment?
    Both my DSLRs are clearly marked "Assembled in Philippines";
    as I have both the oldest and newest models made by Pentax
    it seems quite probable that the intervening models would
    also have carried similar identification. The DA lenses
    that I own are also quite visibly identified, on the lens
    barrel, as having been "Assembled in Vietnam".
    John Francis, Dec 23, 2006
  5. RiceHigh

    RiceHigh Guest

    Sometimes I just wonder if you folks do ever read, before making any
    sensible replies.

    Pentax selectively to print the place of origin or NOT by countries for
    where they shipped their products. See?


    John Francis 寫�:
    RiceHigh, Dec 23, 2006
  6. A sensible person trims irrelevant material from his quotes and places
    his reply following.

    And, no we folk make sensible replies without reading that to which we
    John McWilliams, Dec 23, 2006
  7. RiceHigh

    keyboard Guest

    For wedding photography I have found the fuji V10 excellent because of
    low light capability and ASA 1600 rating. I just purchased the newer
    Fuji F30 which is rated 3200 ASA and takes incredible stills at night
    withourt a flash, also very nice movies in dark indoor settings.
    ignore line:(delta epsilon beta sigma drdach jeffrey dach dask dalk
    jeff dach quark quirk)

    jeffrey dach
    keyboard, Dec 24, 2006
  8. RiceHigh

    Skip Guest

    Ah, I get it now...
    Skip, Dec 24, 2006
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