where are the fuji S2's?

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Albert Ma, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Albert Ma

    Albert Ma Guest

    the reputable mail order houses don't seem to have them in stock.....

    and on the infamous auction site, there are quite a few of them...but many
    of the sellers of these seem to have been selling Barbie dolls, quilts,
    antiques, things that have nothing to do with digital or photo gear, etc,
    etc. very strange....it's like: would you like to buy a computer from
    someone who's been selling toilet paper? or scams, or jokes, etc.

    what's the story of the S2? Being discontinued?

    No, not interested in buying one...just curious. don't make an offer.
    Albert Ma, Oct 18, 2003
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  2. Yeah, it's hard to figure. The price went from $1999 down to $1799 at B&H
    about 5 weeks ago, then about 2 weeks ago went back up to $1949 when they
    were in stock, now they'e $1995 and out of stock, as are most of the other
    major resellers. Naturally, the S3 has been speculated for several weeks,
    and this stock problem only adds fuel to that speculation. I haven't seen
    any reliable sources address the issue as to whether this is the channels
    drying up before release of the new model, or just increased demand.

    Howard McCollister, Oct 18, 2003
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