Where is backup catalog in Kodak EasyShare?

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by gil, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. gil

    gil Guest

    What is the location of the BACKUP catalog that Kodak Easy Share uses?
    The data in my backup catalog is incorrect.
    The regular catalog data is found in two files 'easyshare.me' and
    'easyshare.mm' in "o:\program files\Kodak\Kodak easyshare
    I used 'add/remove' to delete the old software several months ago. There
    were no folders marked 'Kodak' anywhere on my system. I decided to
    install the newer version but the first attempt failed. According to the
    codes given, it was because there were still some fragments that were
    not deleted that were interfering with the new install. I was directed
    to run a special program from Kodak called 'ESS4clear.exe', which was
    supposed to delete these fragments. After running this program, I again
    manually checked for any Kodak folders and found none. The second
    attempt at installing the newest version of Easy Share was successful.
    EXCEPT THAT, Instead of the clean install I expected, the program found
    a previous catalog backup and loaded it.
    The backup is incorrect and almost 1500 pictures have broken links which
    point to a location on a drive which has changed its assigned letter
    since the backup catalog was created.

    I can, and have, deleted all of the incorrect data from the new catalog,
    but that old catalog data obviously still exits somewhere, just waiting
    to come forward the next time there is a glitch. Where is it located so
    I can remove it, permanently?

    Sorry for the long post

    gil, Apr 25, 2005
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  2. gil

    Guest Guest

    I have found pictures archived in two places, they are Hidden Kodak jpg's,
    C:\program files\Kodak\kodak easyshare software\originals. Also in
    C:\windows\temp. look for folders with numbers for names.
    Guest, Apr 26, 2005
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