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Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Jan Panteltje, May 24, 2009.

  1. Pure accidently I found some consumer test reference to a:
    'Small portable, waterproof 30 fps 640x480 cam that records on
    a SDcard up to 8GB, in MPEG1, for up to 4 hours, on 2 AA cells.'

    Now that caused a sort of shock effect, as the price was quoted at about 50 Euro,
    say 70 $.
    Not only that, it was 'best in the test' for among other things low light.

    So I did a web search for 'SOMICON ActionCam "Eagle 100" mit SD-Slot',
    and found this:
    Movie here:

    Now I did some math, and if you calculate the bitrate back from 4 hours in 8 GB,
    that makes 2 GB / hour, or about 4 megabits per second.

    Now I was wondering, as MPEG1 was never that great over here, memories of crap...
    so I encoded some 640x480 at 4 Mbits/second and 30 fps with ffmpeg to see what it looked like..
    And you know what, at that rate it does not even look so bad on a 20 inch monitor in full screen.

    Of course the camera has no real viewfinder, but who cares, you put it on your head, it will see what you see,
    can use it on the water without having to worry, like was recently discussed here.
    The lens is not super either, but for that price?
    Seems to be available in Germany and surrounding countries only for now?

    So, there is a trend here, to cheaper, faster, better?
    Throw away cam.
    I have to give the designer a + for thinking to use MPEG1, low power encoder requirement,
    long battery life.
    No idea how the sound is encoded. could be wave at low bitrate, or mp3 perhaps?

    That price area is for mp3 players, not for water proof solid state audio+video recorders :)

    Thought I should mention this:)
    Jan Panteltje, May 24, 2009
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