where to get video projector bulbs?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by dh, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. dh

    dh Guest


    We have two Sharp XG-V10XU projectors that we need
    to get new bulbs for. Can anyone suggest where to get
    good prices on projector bulbs? I'd also be interested in
    anyone's thoughts about replacing just the bulb and using
    the old cage.

    Thanks for any help!
    dh, Apr 30, 2005
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  2. www.tritronicsinc.com

    They are a Sharp parts distributor and have a good search engine on the site
    for finding part numbers. Once you have the part numbers you might search
    for a lower price or a distributor in your area if you are not near Miami or
    Baltimore, but I don't know of any right off.

    If you are going to change the lamp only, use gloves to keep oils off of the
    lamp and be very careful. Not difficult. Make sure the leads are secure
    but don't break them.

    Be sure you understand the warranty and return policies of anyone you deal

    Leonard Caillouet, Apr 30, 2005
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  3. dh

    Alpha Guest

    A worthless company....go to Projector People.
    Alpha, Apr 30, 2005
  4. Which is the worthless company? Sorry I cross posted carelessly and must
    have missed part of the thread?

    You will likely pay too much at Projector People, BTW. It is generally best
    to go directly to the manufacturer of the projector or to their authorized
    parts distributors. Many of the projector sellers have relatively high
    prices for the lamps, while many of the parts distributors sell to the
    public at the same or near the same as dealer cost for parts.

    Leonard Caillouet, May 1, 2005
  5. Well, could you give us one link to one of them? I went to the Trisonic
    and didn't find a bulb for my JVC SX-21. Didn't find any lamps. I
    e-mailed them, so maybe I will hear from them next week.

    Gary Eickmeier
    Gary Eickmeier, May 1, 2005
  6. Well, could you do a little searching? The info below is a result of using
    only Google and the distributor that I gave you.

    Other distributors for JVC include Andrews and Vance Baldwin.

    From Tritronics:
    Lamp part number BHL5006-S Retail $478, Dealer $399, but they don't have it
    in stock.

    You need to enter the first characters of model number DLA... not just SX21.
    I figure that out quickly with a google search.

    Call JVC parts at 1-800-882-6442 and check their price and availability and
    get a list of JVC parts distributors. Some of the manufacturers are selling
    lamps to the public at the same price a dealer or service center can buy

    A quick Google search based on the part number acquired from Tritronics
    shows http://www.avalive.com/ adverting it for $378. Whether they are
    reputable or have it in stock is another matter. I am sure you can find a
    dozen other suppliers with a little searching.

    Parts distributors will vary for different manufacturers. Tritronics has
    most brands but will have varying inventory among the different brands.
    Their search engine and research team make them a good starting point for
    parts research.

    For lamps, a good resource is donsbulbs.com to find other projectors that
    may use the same lamp. Their prices are high so I would not buy there.
    Often, however, you can find additional part numbers for the same lamp and
    check a variety of sources. Companies like JVC do not make the lamps. They
    are all made by Philips or Osram and the various vendors may have large
    price differences.

    Leonard Caillouet, May 1, 2005
  7. dh

    avproman Guest

    If you just replace the lamp, what will you do with the cases? I would
    think it is more work to take the lamp out of the new case and then install
    it in the old case.
    avproman, May 1, 2005
  8. dh

    dh Guest

    The point is to buy bulbs that are not in a cage because
    they're cheaper that way...or at least that's what I've believe
    at this point.
    dh, May 1, 2005
  9. dh

    Larry J. Guest

    Waiving the right to remain silent, [email protected] said:
    It'll probably void the lamp warranty. YMMV.

    Larry Jandro - Remove spamtrap in ALLCAPS to e-mail

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    If so, think about joining our mail list.
    Send an e-mail to:
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    Larry J., May 1, 2005

  10. Some lamps are available without the cage. They all have a ninety day
    warranty, with or without. Now if you get oils from your hand on the lamp
    and it shows a burn spot and you try to get it replaced under warranty, they
    would may a legitimate reason to deny the claim. The reason for supplying
    them in the cage is to make them easy to replace for consumers. It is not a
    big deal to install the raw lamp. You just have to be careful. We use
    gloves when we handle them.

    Leonard Caillouet, May 2, 2005
  11. Thank you very much. I guess I'm just not as good at searching. Most of
    the companies I found in Google under Projection Lamps or JVC SX-21
    Lamps or whatever came up dry. In Trisonics, under "JVC SX-21 Lamp" I
    got no hits. In their list of JVC parts, there were nothing but
    transistors and small parts.

    Gary Eickmeier
    Gary Eickmeier, May 2, 2005
  12. dh

    WDino Guest

    Note that the bulb must be carefully located within the old cage to
    obtain even light output over the whole image area.

    This can be difficult to achieve.

    Also ceramic glue is used to hold the lamp in its reflector as it all
    gets very hot. Most of this work (including removal of the old bulb) is
    too difficult for the average person.
    Better to use a projector lamp re-furbishing company.
    WDino, May 3, 2005
  13. Bullshit. The reflector is part of the lamp in the case of every LCD or DLP
    video projector that I have seen. If the lamp is available as a separate
    part, as is the case of some of the Sharp lamps, it is nothing but a matter
    of a philips screwdriver, a small wrench for the nut on the wire lug and
    being careful. If the lamp is not designed to be removed from the cage, it
    won't be available separately. As for lamp refurbishing companies, the
    first I hear of them is in this thread. I'll have to check them out.

    Leonard Caillouet, May 3, 2005
  14. dh

    David Guest

    FWIW, I've been buying replacements bulbs for our older JVC D-ILA projectors
    from Atlas Specialty Lighting:


    Only $550 for a 1000 hour lamp. Not bad, huh? ;-)
    David, May 4, 2005
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