Which Cam best for 'run and gun' travel documentories

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by reinholdus, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. reinholdus

    reinholdus Guest

    Since quite a while i am considerung the pro and con of the following
    listed Cams for travelling run and gun documentories:

    PD170 for low light and good auto functions and qual audio, excellent
    picture, wide lens included (hiss problem again!!)

    DVX100A: superb picture cinelook and superb sound, low light at least
    at 25p (Pal) no good, at 60i exceptable ! ??

    PDX10: True16/9, unsuspicious, low light less goodfor the size, auto
    functions and the true 16/9 (how good is it, any experiences) how good
    is the pic quality

    VX2100: good low light, build in mic more unsuspicious

    Main decisional consideration are fluctuating around low light,
    handling in nonsrcipted settings and picture quality (cine Look,
    I'm shooting sort of (self)experimental roadmoviestyle biketraveling
    docu, so lots of landscapes, roads, people..dust, temperature,
    gravitational impact
    I appreciate any hint or comparative glue concerning the handling of
    these cams in nonscripted settings.
    Mic will be ME66 or MKH 416. I had a TRV 900 for 5 years now, half
    smashed and rotten by now.

    Thanks and Happy New Year

    reinholdus, Dec 31, 2003
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  2. reinholdus

    Bill Fright Guest

    I would say that elmers is a very good comparative glue.
    Bill Fright, Dec 31, 2003
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