Which Fuji should I buy the Fuji S6000fd/S6500fd or S9100/S9600

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Ken, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    I have been taking a very very close look at the Fuji S6000fd/S6500fd as
    well as the Fuji S9100/S9600 and feel I will definitely be buying one of
    them -- but can't make my mind up which one. The S9600 is dearer but has a
    tilt on the LCD which for my use is a benefit but I wondered if the LCD on
    the S6000fd/S65000fd. was viewable, at an angle, and how much of an angle.
    This will be the deciding factor!!!

    Ken, Dec 29, 2007
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  2. Ken

    Jimington Guest

    Having a tilt screen is like owning a shaft drive motorbike after
    having chain drive ones, you'll never want to go back again.

    My dull website.
    Jimington, Dec 29, 2007
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  3. Ken

    Ken Guest

    You've probably already considered all this, but I think a paragraph
    from dpreview's summary is a good one:
    === quote
    Put simply, whether the S6000fd is a better choice than, say the
    Canon, Sony or Panasonic super zoom models depends on the type of
    photography you do and the conditions you shoot in. If you tend to
    stick to the wide end of the zoom, do a lot of hand-held low-light
    work in situations where image stabilization doesn't help (basically
    if the subject you're shooting is moving) and don't need a really long
    zoom, the Fuji is ideal. If you want to do a lot of long telephoto
    work - especially in good light - I'd go for one of the alternatives.
    Do not, however, be seduced into thinking that the 6.3MP pixel count
    puts the S6000fd at a disadvantage compared to its 7,8 or 10MP
    competitors; the resolution is one of the best of any 'super zoom'
    camera, and at ISO 200-800 the S6000fd retains far more detail.
    === endquote

    Now I own the S9500, the precursor to the 9100/9600, and it is
    essentially the same camera minus a couple of bells and whistles.
    It's a very good camera for my type of shooting, mostly outdoors in
    good light, and the little bit of extra resolution is handy at times
    as I often print large. But... in terms of sensor performance the
    s6000 is probably the better choice - it's high-iso imaging is
    significantly better than the 9000, and the extra few million pixels
    barely offset that.

    In regard to the LCD issue, I've just got my 9500 out to check it out,
    assuming it might be a similar design to the 6000 (probably a rash
    assumption..). Sadly I have to report that vertically, a reasonable
    image is maintained only from about -5° to +15° and horizontally,
    about 10° each side. Beyond that, it is still viewable, but with
    quite significant colour and brightness shifts, leading to that horrid
    inverted effect you get with such screens... In other words, it
    isn't very good at wide viewing angles. But because it is tiltable on
    the 9xxx's that isn't really an issue, of course. It may well be that
    the 6000 uses a different design because of it's 'fixedness' - I
    suggest a trip to your nearest dealer...

    Lastly, here's what I don't like about the S9500:
    - slow flash recycle times (camera locks up), so I generally use an
    external flash (would be nice not to have to)
    - slightly soft lens at zoom extremes (but oh how I love the manual
    - noise at medium to high isos (but better than any other similar res
    - manual focus is fairly difficult (but it has a nifty quick-AF
    function while in MF mode)
    - would be nice to have IS

    Having said all that, it's the camera that is *always* with me, and I
    have several to choose from (MF to compact).

    One last tip - at the times you want the absolute best from your Fuji,
    shoot RAW and use DCRAW - let me know if you go down this path and
    want any tips. When I first tried raw on mine, I was somewhat
    disappointed with the results I got from the Fuji software (also tried
    's7raw' for a while). But recently I tried dcraw, and was quite
    surprised at how much extra I could drag out of the files using
    dcraw's options.

    Good luck with the choice, hope that doesn't confuse you more..


    Hi and I am so grateful for the full advice.

    I have just replied to an earlier posting regarding my intentions as

    "Many thanks for your taking the trouble to help but I found out a friend of
    mine has a Fuji 6500fd and I never knew. It is rarely used as he has pocket
    sized camera he carries around all the time but he wants to hang on to the
    6500. However he lent it me over the past few days which has proven a really
    big help. I have now dropped my requirement for the tilting LCD but have
    also realised I need to up my budget and have now ordered an Olympus 410
    digital SLR which I feel will be dearer but better longer term option."

    Again thank you so much for taking your time to help me.

    Ken, Dec 31, 2007
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