Which Hard Drive Camcorders work with Windows XP

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by HarAhd, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. HarAhd

    HarAhd Guest

    I'm in market for a simple Hard Drive camcorder. Bieng a novice,
    things are a bit confusing to me. In reading product reviews online,
    I came across folks stating how their cameras did not work with
    Windows XP. I have windows XP, and would like to get the compatible
    camera. Please recommend Hard Drive camera(s) that do work with
    Windows XP.

    Many Thanks.
    HarAhd, Oct 24, 2008
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  2. HarAhd

    Scubajam Guest

    I haven't heard of such a problem, except from someone who doesn't
    know a Firewire from a USB, or a USB from a USB2.
    1) You'll need a fairly new computer. HDD (hard disk drive)
    camcorders (as opposed to HD, which is High Definition), use AVCHD
    compression. This packs a lot of info into a small file, but thus
    requires a good computer to work with the files. And specialized
    software. Most camcorders come with software, but it is basic stuff.
    2) You must have a USB2 connection. Not an older computer with just
    USB. Huge difference in speed of transfer.
    3) Some camcorders send video only via a Firewire connection, and only
    still images via USB. If your model uses Firewire (aka IEEE1394),
    you'll probably need to add a card to the inside of your desktop
    computer with such a connnection. Most laptops have a Firewire
    connection. Some of the later camcorders don't have this and send
    only via USB2.
    4) If you don't understand any of the above terms, Google them. Read
    and learn. A LOT!!
    5) As much as camcorder manufacturers try to make it easy for newbies
    and non-tech people to use and especially edit videos, it isn't easy
    stuff. I spend 1-2 HOURS for every MINUTE of a finished DVD. It can
    be done much faster, but expect commensurate results. We're spoiled
    by watching TV and movies where everything is near perfect. Then we
    expect to take a new camcorder and get similar results. Ain't gonna

    I've had many camcorders over 25 years, now have 3 HD cams, and work
    only with XP. My update to Vista disc is still in original package
    for my newer laptop. I won't install Vista; my main editing program
    isn't compatible.

    I suspect anyone who says XP won't work with their camcorder isn't
    doing it right. You have a LOT of learning to do if you want to edit
    and produce DVD's. If you just want to connect your camcorder to a TV
    and watch, that's easy. If you want to connect cam to a computer and
    make a direct DVD with no editing, that's easy. If you want to edit
    out stuff, rearrange, add music, titles, credits, special effects -
    get ready to spend many hours learning, using expletives you didn't
    know you had in you, and going down paths that turn out to be
    exercises in frustration.

    You can Google for manuals and reviews for any camcorder you
    consider. As for me, I'm staying away from AVCHD and HDD for now.
    But my uses are much different from yours. I'm staying with HDV,
    which is tape. Probably eventually will go to Flash cards (SD, SDHC,
    or Memory Stick). No DVD or HDD camcorders for me, at least not at
    this point. I've dropped every camcorder I've owned at some time or
    another. Tape is mostly bullet proof. HDD is delicate. I like
    having tapes as backups. Tape is still the archive medium of
    professional's choice. But that's me, and I'm not a newbie. YMMV

    But XP is not an issue. Decide whether you want SD or HD, then which
    medium - HDD, Flash, tape. Then search models; read reviews.
    Finally, its bang for the buck. Your budget vs your wants. I require
    a microphone jack, you probably don't. I want archive medium, you
    probably don't. I have a very powerful computer with 6 internal hard
    drives, plus 4+ externals; you should have a 3 yr old or newer,
    preferably newer, computer; and if 3 yrs old, hopefully it wasn't a
    low end one back then. AVCHD is what HDD cams record on the drive.
    This take quite a bit of computer horsepower to edit.

    Your call. Good luck.

    Washington State
    Scubajam, Oct 24, 2008
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  3. HarAhd

    HarAhd Guest

    Thank you so much Jim for laying it out for me in a simple manner.

    HarAhd, Oct 25, 2008
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