Which is better? digital cameras or older crappy cameras that use film?

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by the_fovemeister, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. the_fovemeister

    brian Guest

    Tell you what, in 2 years time, post back here and let us know how your
    getting on with your Nikon D100.
    You think they'd sell many if it said, "by the way, in 2 years time this
    camera and its internal workings will be obsolete and if it goes arse up you
    have no chance of having it repaired for less than twice the camera's value"

    The N90S and the F100 and F5 are 35mm SLR film camera's, all 35mm SLR film
    camera's use the same format, and the same basic principal and operation,
    the only differences are in the electronics which as we know are really just
    sales gimmicks on most SLR's, its the lens that dictates how sharp and
    detailed the image will be, if the internal meter breaks down , and can't be
    fixed a handheld meter will do the job, if the internal meter on a digital
    breaks , its knackered, because the digital imaging sensors rely on that
    meter, if the CMOS sensor breaks, it will cost most of the original price of
    the camera to have it replaced, its battery reliant and eats batteries
    faster than Duracell can make them, a 50 year old Manual SLR will produce
    the same quality images as a brand new one of today.
    image quality of digitals, changes almost week to week, its all about sales,
    Look at your computer, to keep up with current technology it has to be
    upgraded about every 6 months, 1 year tops, this is so the computer industry
    keeps making money, its the same with digital , and film camera's, these
    companies are not in it to make you a camera.computer that will last you a
    hundred years, they want you to buy! buy! buy!, so they introduce new
    technology as often as they, like, I would guess that the next major hike in
    digital imaging will come out around Xmas 2004.

    brian, Jan 24, 2004
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  2. The film cameras keep getting better as the film gets better. My Pentax 6x7
    is better today than it was in 1979 because the film is better. The OM2 is
    better because the film is better. Both cameras started out with excellent
    mechanics and excellent optics, and with new lenses the optics can even be
    better. but it is the improved film that improves the pictures. Digital
    cameras never get better. You have to keep buying new ones. Some day digital
    will probably equal or excede film, but that day is not here yet. Still, I
    wouldn't mind having the Kodak 14 with all the Nikon lenses. I just wouldn't
    delude myself into believing that it will be just as good in 5 years as it
    is today (relative to what's out there) while the OM2 and the Pentax ARE
    just as good or better.
    Michael Weinstein, M.D., Jan 29, 2004
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