Which MiniDV tape should I buy?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Mitch, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. Mitch

    Mitch Guest

    I ordered my Panasonic GS120, and from what I can tell, it won't come
    with any tapes.

    I was reading that you should only use one brand of digital tape
    because of the difference in chemicals.

    Is there a certain brand that's better?
    I'd like to go with whatever is readily available at WalMart.

    Can I just go with Panasonic tapes? WalMart has them for $13/ 5-pack.

    Are there different types of tapes within a given brand?
    Mitch, Jun 23, 2004
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  2. This issue is pretty much fixed -- you should no longer have a
    problem with it. However, it is Sony tapes which are most likely to
    have problems mixed with others (and any which are Sony manufactured
    under another name). So if you worry about this, either use only Sony
    or avoid using any.
    For typical limited use on the tapes, they are alll about the same.
    That is, if you shoot once, edit once, then don't reuse the tape (save
    it because the shot is priceless, at least compared to tape costs),
    don't worry.

    If you are going to reuse the tape a lot, or play it often, it may
    make a difference. The premium grades are smoother, with less wear
    over use (both on tape and on the camcorder). The only other issue is
    bad batches -- I've had tapes out of the box which recorded badly,
    though that is most often in the first minute, and it is always wise
    to record a full minute or more of "junk" before doing anything
    important to avoid this; any brand could suffer from this problem, but
    premium tapes are checked more, so should be less likely to face it.

    The easiest thing is to pick what is cheap and available, then stick
    with that type. No risk of the tape mixing problem, even though that
    is unlikely to happen anymore (the problem did exist, but new tapes
    don't use the same chemicals), no worries about picking out whichever
    is better.
    Jeffery S. Jones, Jun 23, 2004
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  3. Mitch

    Mitch Guest

    Mitch, Jun 23, 2004
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