Which of these A3 scanners are better?

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by shawman, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. shawman

    shawman Guest

    Any idea which of these two A3 scanners are better?

    Epson GT 10000 +


    Epson Expression 1640XL

    shawman, Dec 15, 2005
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  2. shawman

    Paul Guest

    Epson GT10000+ A3 colour scanner
    600 x 2400dpi optical resolution (optical is the usable resolution)
    Can have an ADF (document feeder) fitted.


    Spec sheet is here. Scan time is not listed. D (dynamic range)
    is not listed. These are things you are going to have to find
    in a review. A scanner can have a huge number of bits per pixel,
    but the dynamic range defines how many of them are useful.
    I think D=3.0 ==> 1000:1, which is roughly 10 binary bits, equivalent
    to a 30 bit scanner. If the product advertised 36 bits output per
    pixel, and D=3.0, then 30 bits are useful. Knowing the value
    of D, and assuming it is not exaggerated, tells you something
    of the performance.

    A sheet feeder is nice, considering the amount of time scanning
    takes. If your documents are not frayed, being able to throw a
    stack of identically sized sheets into the tray, and walking
    away, is a big bonus. (I've manually scanned a pile of sheets
    before, and with the setup of Photoshop and the like, it can
    take 2 minutes per page. An ADF takes the pain out of scanning.
    If you like to scan books, the ADF won't help you. Thanks to the
    slow scan rate of most cheap scanners, the copyright on most books
    is safe from scanners :) If someone other than yourself will
    be running the scanner, buy them an ADF or they'll bitch like


    The 1640XL is here.
    1600 x 3200dpi optical.
    3.6D = 3981 = 12 bits, or 36bit useful scanning


    Still no spec on scanning speed for an A3 page. Scan speed is
    limited by the stepper motor (imaging bar has to settle between
    steps, and limited light level from the CCFL lights means the
    exposure time cannot be compressed that much). Expect a minute
    or two per page, assuming the silicon in the scanner is not
    the limiting step (like if color correction is being done inside
    the scanner, instead of by your much faster PC).

    Having an IT8 target is nice, for figuring out what's up with
    the colors coming from your scans. An ADF is also an option
    for this scanner.


    I still don't have enough information to make a choice, but
    the 1640XL might have a slightly larger scanning surface,
    which might be handy.

    Reviews are worth their weight in gold, as the price of
    scanners has dropped so much, that quality is sacrificed
    in the name of price.

    Also, watch out when buying scanners from an Internet
    retailer. I bought an expensive scanner in good faith,
    and a grey market scanner was delivered to my door. The
    bundled software did not include an English language
    installer, and the manufacturer wouldn't help me when they
    discovered the model was not intended for my part of the
    world. If you buy with a credit card, you have some options
    available to protect you against this kind of abuse. No
    Internet retailer likes trouble with a credit card company.

    Good luck,
    Paul, Dec 16, 2005
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