which picture visualization ?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by arkascha, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. arkascha

    arkascha Guest

    Hello all,
    this is a question of comparing solutions...
    Since planning to launch a native solution for visualization stuff for
    customers I have to compare the possibilities available. I am used to
    GNU/Linux-Systems in daily work, so I am less familiar with solutions in
    other OSes. The task at hand is about visualizing sets of pictures in an
    easy yet convenient way, offering a rich look&feel without being limited to
    some OS.
    Currently my clear favorite is DigiKam. In my eyes it offers an unmatched
    usability in combination with a perfect fullscreen mode. In its KDE-4
    preview it is available for a number of OSes (I have seen it). So my
    question is: what could compete to this, what are _you_ using ?
    arkascha, Dec 11, 2007
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  2. arkascha

    Mr. G D Geen Guest

    Just to nit-pick a bit, Linux is not GNU. So you are familiar with
    Linux OS and GNU software. The Mac OS/X has a built in application
    called Preview.app. It is able to read many media types. Plus iPhoto,
    OK I am not a big fan, is readily available on all Macs.

    When I share images with family and friends I wrap them in a javascript
    ..html file. Thus, the web browser becomes the viewer. This prevents me
    from having to teach someone a new application. Most people can handle
    a browser window and a automated slide show.

    Mr. G D Geen, Dec 12, 2007
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  3. arkascha

    arkascha Guest

    thanks for the reply :-=

    Hm, once we are at it lets put that really right:
    It certainly is true that Linux is not GNU. That's why the operating system
    is usually called GNU/Linux, because both parts combine to form the system.
    Therefor it is certainly wrong to call Linux an OS, its only a kernel.
    Without GNU software it is not a usable operating system.
    Sure, using a browser is an obvious and well spread solution. But what I was
    looking for is a good looking alternative. That means for example full
    screen pics, comfortable navigation, independence of the type of browser (I
    don't know a single "application" that works in _all_ browsers).

    I will certainly take a glimpse at that iPhoto, though I was disappointed by
    most of the iThis-iThat things around when taking a closer look...
    Thanks for the tip !
    arkascha, Dec 13, 2007
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