Which tapes to use with Canon GL2?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by MacDakoo, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. MacDakoo

    MacDakoo Guest


    I would like to know which brand of MiniDV tapes I should use in my
    Canon GL2?

    This question actually arises from my original posting:

    I have a 15 months old GL2 which has only been used for a total
    of 12 hrs, and it destroyed my MiniDV tape. From the beginning
    I've only used Sony Premium tapes. Which leads me to believe
    that perhaps the Sony MiniDV tapes do not get along with the GL2.

    A quick search on the web revealed a single link to an old post
    from a year ago saying that Sony tapes were not good for the GL2.
    But I have not seen any other postings about this.

    What tapes are other people using in their GL2?

    I don't require anything high-end. I just want to get decent
    picture quality.

    thanks in advance.
    MacDakoo, Jan 20, 2004
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  2. The tape brand will not affect picture quality (this is digital...), but
    may affect drop-out rate and longevity (though most tapes are
    made by Sony or Panasonic and rebranded). I prefer not to
    ever mix brands (either should be OK, though I prefer Sony),
    though the high-end Panasonics probably should not be mixed
    with anything else, including other Panasonics (due to lubricant
    incompatibilities). I suspect that your problem was a "fluke",
    and not due to an inherent problem with either the deck or the
    tape (though this could easily be incorrect...;-). Winding the tape
    manually past the damage, then in a few days fast-forwarding/
    rewinding it fully and then storing it for a few weeks may mostly
    correct the damaged part if you are lucky and the tape surface
    has not been torn or abraded...
    Good luck with it!
    David Ruether, Jan 21, 2004
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