which ultra-compact with underwater housing?

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Liz, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. Liz

    Liz Guest

    Hi, can anyone offer suggestions/recommendations?

    I'm looking for a digital camera to take bushwalking, camping and
    snorkelling. The requirements for these uses are that it should be small and
    light, fast, since birds and fish don't seem to hang round to get their
    pictures taken :-(, good battery life, and of course a waterproof housing.
    I've looked at the olympus mini-mju since they're giving away the housing at
    the moment, but I'm concerned that the lack of an optical viewfinder would
    limit battery life.

    So, is this kind of camera serious enough for this newsgroup?
    Liz, Feb 7, 2005
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  2. Liz

    Bushy Pete Guest

    After playing with my d70 and my friends coolpix 5200, both quite good
    cameras for their respective roles, which both turn on instantly, ready to
    take pictures, there is a reason I like to use my d70 with it's faster lens
    capability, and it's faster response autofocus, ..........

    I've taken over 40,000 shots of (at?) moving targets over the years, and
    they won't hold a pose for long. You want to shoot moving things, you want a
    fast camera to aim and fire. It's not how many frames a second they can
    shoot that counts, but how fast the camera can focus and set exposure.

    You can do this over a limited range of exposure settings and manual
    settings if you use a little camera with current technology, and a wider
    range on the "biggy". The little model can capture some good shots, but you
    will have a miss rate much higher than for static shots when you have to
    focus fast. The larger lens allows you to capture more light and get a
    better image in shady conditions without using flash and giving less risk of
    scaring away the critter! Do you intend to take shots in shady forests, or
    out on the beach when only mad dogs and englishmen go out in the in the
    mid-day sun? Can you get close enough to your quarry to get a good shot with
    a kids bow and arrow with the suction cup end?

    I'm not tryin to take the mickey out of the group, the 5200 or similar
    featured small camera would give you a really nice camera to slip in your
    pocket, but the big brother would cover for the range of shots that you may
    want to take if you are one of those nutso keen potographers that likes to
    play with the biggest toys!

    Look, bushwalking ain't much different from running around a busy 10 day
    photoshoot, and how long do you spend luggin' that other gear around? If
    you're carryin' a 40 pound pack and rifle and a couple of hundred rounds
    with you, and another few hundred rounds for the machine gunner, along with
    the scuba gear three days march into the boondocks, can bench press race
    horses and still have the strength to cook and eat after you finally catch
    the roadrunner, it doesn't matter that the camera's a bit heavier!

    On the other hand, ................ I have no idea if there is a factory
    waterproof housing for them. There are a range of aftermarket housings from
    a variety of places, but the last time I did underwater shots, it was with a
    number of cheap disposable ones, and I can scan them with a slide adapter
    that cost me $50 from the tradin post and if fits the d70 really nicely, and
    by setting white balance on a section of clear negative then lets me get a
    nice colour balance from my old negatives, and is far cheaper if you get a

    Hope this helps,
    Bushy Pete, Feb 8, 2005
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