white background to transparent on existing image

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Justin, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. Justin

    Justin Guest

    Hi there,

    I found this YinYang image, which has a white background. I want to
    change it to transparent.

    Could you help? I'm using PS 7.0

    Justin, Jul 14, 2003
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  2. Justin

    edjh Guest

    There are lots of ways to do this. If teh image is simple enough it
    could be as easy as selecting the white with Magic Wand or Color Range
    and deleting.

    What are you planning to do with the file? Web? Another Photoshop document?
    edjh, Jul 14, 2003
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  3. Justin

    Chris Barber Guest

    Export the file to gif and set the white to transparent in the gif export
    dialog box

    Chris Barber
    Third Eye Creations

    Chris Barber, Jul 15, 2003
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