Why are we getting all this cross posted Garbage

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Rob, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Why does aus.photo have to get all this cross posted garbage.

    Why cross post these groups - rec.photo.digital, rec.photo.equipment.35mm

    Is it just an ego boost for those "elite" US based photographers.

    Those who want to talk US politics.

    It gets soooooooooo boring having all the crap.

    Rob, Oct 11, 2007
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  2. Rob

    RBrickston Guest

    1. We love the Aussies;

    2. Welcome to usenet.
    RBrickston, Oct 11, 2007
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  3. Rob

    Pete D Guest

    3. Those you don't want to see, killfile.

    4. Stop whining.
    Pete D, Oct 11, 2007
  4. Rob

    D_Mac Guest

    It started one day in 2006 when a well know attention seeking slut
    from a Southern American state stole an Australian Professional
    Wedding Photographer's Proofs gallery and needed to publicize the
    disgusting captions he applied to them when he forged said Aussie
    Photographer's name to create a bunch of sites on public hosts to
    which he invited the rest of the kooky world we know as Usenet to pass
    disgusting and often profane comments of their own.

    That male slut continued his cross posting to this Australian only
    group with insulting and defamatory comments about the Aussie for
    several months after Pbase, Flickr and Yahoo removed the images he
    forged the Aussie's identity to post. Today I guess it's a matter of
    "old habits, die hard". The yank cross posters (and I confess, I've
    been guilty of a few cross posts too) are attention seekers. They have
    to be I guess, their "pics" are so heavily cropped and edited, they'd
    be hard pushed to get many "real" photographs printed from them.

    Whenever an original post has my name to it, you can guarantee at
    least 6 replies of which 3 will be from Australia, one from England,
    one from Canada and one for the USA. After that, the USA posts
    proliferate as they argue down to a political level, eventually
    arriving at why George Bush has still got a pears soap bar stuck up
    his anus.

    I imagine Rab, you've discovered by now the Yanks don't apologize for
    anything? I had a call at 3:00AM a couple of days ago from a US
    hosting company I served a writ on where yet another "Yank" has my
    defaced photos on display. He rang to "explain" why their complaints
    system doesn't work... Apology? Nah, I just explained that to you sir!

    My personal wish is that this group would become the talking place for
    all Australian photo related discussions. That objective critique and
    positive suggestions would result in Aussie's gowning number of DSLR
    shooters reaching levels of excellence envied by the rest of the
    world. Much the way Aussie cinematographers are.

    As long as we have idiots like Atheist monk, Mr T, PeterD and Mark
    Thomas who use this group to insult people as a form of personal
    entertainment, The group will continue to be a hostile environment in
    which no poster is safe from a tongue lashing. Where lies being spread
    about them and defamatory and slanderous statements are made about
    them by people who have never met the ones they attack, never seen
    their photography and most likely never want to.

    Sorry Rob, but this is Usenet... More precisely... USERnet when
    politeness, ethics and common courtesy simply don't exist. I can't
    find any evidence either, it ever did exist even as far back as when I
    ran a bulletin board with 4 XT (8 MHz) computers on dial up modems.
    The discussions back then contained profanity, personal insults
    sources for serial numbers and locations to obtain pirate software
    mixed in amongst a few worthwhile discussions. They ran at about 15%
    of the traffic. The rest was pretty much like the garbage we get here.

    I seriously believe that the Internet provides a group of
    socioeconomically disadvantaged and retired people with a means of
    communication they never before had. It is the socioeconomically
    disadvantaged participants (dole bludgers and single parents) who are
    the most destructive Usenet participants... Boredom and loneliness has
    it's own unique issues which flow out into Usenet as these people
    increasingly see their computers as their best friend.

    Of the 2600 customers I had as an ISP up to 1999, single mothers and
    dole bludgers made up 90% of my bad debts. The other 10% were site
    owners who expected to pay their hosting fees from scams.

    You (like the rest of us) can either hang in for the long haul and
    deflect the idiots or do as many before you and find another method of
    interacting with like minded people. I believe in fighting fire with
    fire. It doesn't alway work but faced with nothing else working... I
    use it. Maybe if you actually made some constructive posts yourself
    and ignored the idiots, it could be a start towards a better aus.photo
    environment. Rome will be re-built by them I suppose?

    D_Mac, Oct 11, 2007
  5. its all about you isn't it Douggie!
    Atheist Chaplain, Oct 11, 2007
  6. Rob

    k Guest

    "D_Mac" <>


    "Annika1980" alias'
    Bret Douglas

    rec.photo.equipment.35mm seems to be a favourite..

    maybe we want to take aus.photo discussions there, or maybe the second
    favourite, rec.sport.golf


    "Anonymous Poster"
    "Generic Poster"
    "henning mueller"
    "Nomen Nescio"
    (Nomen Nescio)
    Nomen Nescio
    Nomen Nescio
    k, Oct 11, 2007
  7. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Ill keep adding that then! and deleting aus.photo
    Rob, Oct 11, 2007
  8. Rob

    D_Mac Guest

    Certainly not about you and your oxymoron, is it?
    D_Mac, Oct 11, 2007
  9. and that folks will be the entire extent of his insult repertoire, a 12
    year olds comment about how he finally worked out that my nic is an
    oxymoron, well done Douggie boy, your now insulting at a 5th grade level :)
    keep up at this rate and you might even get to play with the adults by the
    end of the decade!

    Let this be a lesson for all the trolls out there, Douggie Boy has shown how
    to hijack a thread and make it entirely about him, regardless of the OP's
    Atheist Chaplain, Oct 11, 2007
  10. Rob

    RBrickston Guest

    You should start aus.photo.moderated
    RBrickston, Oct 11, 2007
  11. Rob

    D_Mac Guest

    Doing that would mean he /it /she couldn't insult people with
    demeaning "*witty*" retorts to serious issues. A moderated group would
    spoil his /its/her personal entertainment factor such socially
    unacceptable behavior provides them.

    Morons like this bloke post everything but photo related responses.
    It's a new "sport" for those intelligence challenged idiots who think
    they can do no wrong with their poison barbs and then get all huffy
    when someone give them back some of their own medicine. Thoroughly
    disgusting social misfits who think they can fit in here.


    D_Mac, Oct 11, 2007
  12. Rob

    Vintage Monk Guest

    Doug would be first banned for turning decent threads into threads about
    how he was insulted 7 years ago.

    As I have said before if everyone killfiles doug the group will be a
    better place.
    Vintage Monk, Oct 12, 2007
  13. Rob

    D_Mac Guest

    Amazing logic from such a simple sole who can't follow his own
    Truth being that you and the other sheep thrive on personal insults
    and targeted attacks towards me in particular but anyone in general.

    Wouldn't it be a change too, if you had something to say about
    photography? Too simple for a feeble minded bully like you, isn't it?

    D_Mac, Oct 12, 2007
  14. Rob

    Vintage Monk Guest

    The day you ***** OFF* out of this group will be the day I talk about
    photography. You have promised us over and over you will be leaving
    never to return but someone opens your sock draw and another comes out.

    I am not a sheep, I don't follow anyone else, I just don't like you or
    what you are about. Every thread that is posted you turn into a feel
    sorry for Doug.

    At the end of the day this simple soul thinks you are a fuckwit.
    Vintage Monk, Oct 12, 2007
  15. Rob

    Noons Guest

    3- **** OFF aus.photo, dickbreath
    Noons, Oct 13, 2007
  16. Rob

    Noons Guest

    You should **** OFF aus.photo,

    Whassamatter, got your arse whipped
    by the trolls at rec.sport.golf?
    Noons, Oct 13, 2007
  17. Rob

    RBrickston Guest

    Is English not your first language, Doofus? One can't "**** off" of an
    object. "You should **** off Brisbane." Does that make any sense, you
    grammatical fuckwit? Now, for the proper usage: **** OFF, Aussie wanker.
    RBrickston, Oct 14, 2007
  18. Rob

    Chon Kei Guest

    I guess that interprets to:
    "No, I can't take a decent photo and don't have enough brains to
    discuss anything related to photography", does it?
    There is a really clueless component to this group who think they
    somehow rate a mention for no other reason than their bad behaviour.
    You really ought to take your own advise.

    Left alone by idiots like you, D-Mac posts highly on-topic messages.
    I've read some very lucid and informative posts by him. It seems to me
    that when those of you with no talent, no skills, no evidence you even
    own a camera much less have ever taken a photo are the ones who ought
    to vacate the group. Not those who contribute valuable information to
    it. SO why don't you take your own advise? I for one think you are the
    imbecile here, not the photographers.

    Chon Kei, Oct 14, 2007
  19. Rob

    Vintage Monk Guest

    HBAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA during the first paragraph I was thinking this has to
    be Doug but when I got ot this line I knew it was you Doug.
    Doug has made 7 on topic posts this month, just because doug has posted
    into a thread where the subject is on topic does not make his post on
    topic. 99% of the time he will be doing a 2000 word post on how much his
    life sucks.
    He must be emailing you direct as I have never read one.

    It seems to me
    Now tell me this Doug, if there is no evidence I have don't own a camera
    or have taken a photo how can you say I have no talent or skills.

    That would be like picking young Casey stoner up at age 3 and saying He
    has no talent or skills for motorbike racing.

    Not those who contribute valuable information to
    That was almost word for word (including spelling mistakes) what Doug
    would write
    Don't you mean DSJ-M
    Vintage Monk, Oct 15, 2007
  20. Rob

    D_Mac Guest

    Oh give me a break, will you? bleat, bleat, bleat is all I hear from
    you. Stop stalking me or I'll put you in to the coppers.

    Well at least someone speaks my language!

    D_Mac, Oct 15, 2007
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