Why do Nikon bother producing 'non-printable' manuals??

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Dave, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Dave

    tony cooper Guest

    To even understand your question one must know if Nikon's distributing
    channels are the same in other countries. In the US, Nikon products
    are officially brought in by Nikon USA and subsequent warranty work is
    provided by Nikon USA.

    Is there a Nikon UK, a Nikon Canada, a Nikon SA, Nikon Australia, etc?
    If this type of distribution network is used world-wide, do the other
    authorized Nikon distribution networks have the same Draconian
    policies as Nikon USA?

    The US is a large market for Nikon, and Nikon (Japan) has set up a
    distribution system in the US that relieves them of dealing with
    multiple entities. Nikon USA has set their own policies. Without
    knowing if there are other Nikon (specific country) organizations, and
    without knowing if those organizations have the same policies, your
    question is unanswerable.

    Residents of other countries, and who own Nikon equipment, should be
    able to tell us if the system is as difficult to work with there as it
    is in the US.
    tony cooper, Aug 18, 2008
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  2. Dave

    RobertL Guest

    RobertL, Aug 18, 2008
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  3. Dave

    Chris H Guest

    Then why answer?

    Leave it to those with a little more experience of the world.
    Chris H, Aug 18, 2008
  4. Dave

    SMS Guest

    It's possible, but not guaranteed.

    You definitely have no warranty, as they cover only equipment imported
    by them). Some people claim that they may bend the rules for equipment
    purchased by non-U.S. residents, though there is no evidence one way or

    They may think you're trying to circumvent their system by generating
    fake receipts to try to prove that you bought it while a resident of
    another country, or by claiming you bought the items while traveling.
    Perhaps a foreign passport that matches the country of origin on the
    receipt, along with proof that you were in that country on the date of
    purchase (airline tickets, stamps in your passport, hotel receipts, etc.).

    The intent of their policy is certainly understandable, they want people
    to buy equipment that Nikon U.S.A. imports. They don't want people to
    have any support option, paid or unpaid, with products bought outside
    Nikon U.S.A.. Unfortunately, these policies end up hurting the parent
    company (and perhaps Nikon U.S.A. as well) since their main competitor
    has a history of supporting products no matter where they were
    purchased. If Canon has products that meet your needs equally well,
    Canon's worldwide support is a definite advantage.
    SMS, Aug 18, 2008
  5. Dave

    Chris H Guest

    I was thinking of domiciled in country A and then moving to Country B
    for work ie 6 months + not buying whilst on holiday.

    However I would like to think that if I was travelling in the US with my
    less that 12 month old Nikons I could get support and service from the
    local Nikon offices.
    I think it does.
    Quite. Canon have a global approach.

    As it is I have a 2 year Nikon (UK) guarantee.

    The problem is that I bought it the kit from Calumet. Who get it direct
    from the main Nikon European distribution point. So sometimes the kit
    has a Nikon Netherlands guarantee form in the box instead of the UK
    ones. Nikon UK have registered the numbers though.
    Chris H, Aug 18, 2008
  6. Dave

    Guest Guest

    he absolutely does have a warranty, assuming it was legally purchased
    from a seller who imported it through official channels.

    for instance, if a usa resident flies to london and buys a nikon d3 and
    flies back to the united states, he carries a worldwide nikon warranty.
    nikon usa will look at it and say 'this is a united kingdom camera' and
    the customer will say 'yes it is, i bought it from jessops a month ago,
    here's the receipt.'
    right. they won't cover grey market goods. they *will* cover goods
    that are properly imported and sold.
    no, some people claim that nikon has turned a blind eye to grey market
    goods on occasion. no doubt that has happened, but it is the
    exception, not the rule.
    all it takes is a valid receipt, ideally with a serial number, to prove
    it was legally purchased. there is no circumventing anything.
    nikon's worldwide support is fine, assuming one actually understands
    how it works.
    Guest, Aug 18, 2008
  7. ....

    To stop readers from jumping to unwarranted conclusions.

    If instead of tony posting, some smart-arse had claimed that any
    Nikon warranty applied worldwide there's quite possibly someone who
    might take that at face value. And then when he realised it
    was wrong he may come to believe that UseNet was a total waste
    of time.


    So how many posters on this NewsGroup are likely to be familiar
    with the warranty conditions as apply to Nikon equipment in say
    more than five different countries, never mind Worldwide ?

    You must be confident that there are quite a few, as otherwise
    you wouldn't be suggesting that readers wait for them to post,
    would you ?

    michael adams

    michael adams, Aug 18, 2008
  8. Dave

    SMS Guest

    You might convince them to perform service on such equipment. The thing
    is that all of this is an incredible hassle. You need to ensure that you
    carry around all your receipts with you even just to get repairs that
    are out of warranty.

    Really, it would be sufficient for Nikon U.S.A. to tell customers that:

    1) Gray market equipment has no warranty.

    2) Equipment bought outside the U.S. requires both a receipt from the
    vendor, and that the product be registered with Nikon in the country
    where it was purchased, in order to obtain warranty service.

    Nikon really needs to read the riot act to Nikon U.S.. OTOH, maybe it's
    much ado about nothing. Outside of forums like this, few purchasers have
    any idea about what's going on. Certainly the attitude of Nikon U.S.
    would tip the scale in favor of purchasing Canon products, if everything
    else was equal (which it rarely is).
    SMS, Aug 18, 2008
  9. Dave

    Guest Guest

    it's hardly a hassle to carry a receipt when travelling to a different
    country? just about every company will want proof of purchase for
    warranty repairs, even if it's in the *same* country. and carrying a
    receipt can also help if customs thinks you are trying to smuggle
    that's basically how it works, except that registration is not required
    for the standard warranty. if the customer sends in the card within
    the appropriate time period (ten days, if i recall), they get an
    *extended* 5 year warranty at no cost, for merely sending in the card.

    in some cases, sending in the card isn't required either. for instance,
    if the lens was introduced less than five years ago, there *can't* be
    any copies that are older, and nikon will probably repair it (although
    it's not wise to *rely* on this).
    considering it works the way you describe, it is much ado about nothing.
    it appears that few here have any idea what's going on.
    Guest, Aug 18, 2008
  10. Dave

    tony cooper Guest

    This happens to you a lot? You travel and your cameras break down?

    When in the UK, there are "local Nikon offices" scattered around the
    country that you pop into?
    tony cooper, Aug 18, 2008
  11. Dave

    SMS Guest

    It only has to happen once.
    SMS, Aug 18, 2008
  12. Dave

    Chris H Guest

    If I was in another country for 6+ months and taking the camera kit I
    would take the paperwork...
    Fair enough
    I can live with that.
    Possibly. probably on how it says it not what it is saying.
    Chris H, Aug 18, 2008
  13. Dave

    Chris H Guest

    It has happened twice. In 30 years.
    There are authorised Nikon dealers and repair places who can quite
    easily contact Nikon. We have a thing called the telephone in the UK.
    Chris H, Aug 18, 2008
  14. Dave

    tony cooper Guest

    We have these places in the US called "camera stores". They often
    carry Nikon products, and often do repairs on Nikon products. They
    are not "Nikon offices", though. We also have shops in some of the
    larger cities that specialize in camera repair. Orlando has two that
    I know of.

    Sending a camera away to Nikon USA can take weeks; months, even. If I
    was traveling - in the US or out of the US - and something went wrong
    with my camera, I'd find local service regardless of what warranty was
    offered on my camera or who would perform it.

    I have no idea what your point is unless you just want to be on record
    as complaining about something. We all (everyone that has commented
    and that I have read) agree that Nikon USA's policies are
    unnecessarily onerous. Without having any idea at all how Nikon UK
    works, I'm quite willing to believe that they are warm, wonderful,
    helpful, people and offer service and support far superior to Nikon
    USA. Your beer is better than ours, and your countrymen don't have
    nearly as bad teeth as they are portrayed as having.

    Happy now? Or, is it "Next Whinge" time?
    tony cooper, Aug 18, 2008
  15. Dave

    SMS Guest

    I took my gray market film Canon SLR to a local repair place that is an
    authorized repair facility for both Canon and Nikon. They didn't charge
    me for the warranty repair, they simply entered the EOS-5 as an A2E
    (it's essentially the same camera). However I doubt if they are equipped
    to repair digital SLRs beyond stuff like shutter repair or sensor
    cleaning. My local full-service camera store does sensor cleaning.
    Onerous for the consumer to be sure. I'm sure Nikon USA is quite pleased
    with themselves for believing that they've helped ensure that more
    people purchase their products.
    The fish and chips are better in the UK too.
    SMS, Aug 18, 2008
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