Why I love Photography

Discussion in 'Photography' started by rufref, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. rufref

    BillB Guest

    Sick puppy indeed. Someday someone may do a film bio. of your
    life. The only sad note is that Tony Perkins is no longer available
    to star in the title role. :)
    BillB, Apr 1, 2005
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  2. rufref

    McLeod Guest

    BillB. Apparently Dwight Stewart is insane. Time to call the police
    and turn over everything to them.
    McLeod, Apr 1, 2005
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  3. rufref

    BillB Guest

    He might very well be, but without any proof that he's actually
    uploaded anything like he claims to have done I don't think any
    police dep't would be very interested. They probably are used to
    dealing with even crazier crazies. I also have no interest in
    checking teen binary groups looking for pictures of pre-teens, even
    if it's only to search for headers with my ID in them. But if he
    has done so and somebody notifies me of it, I'll certainly take the
    information to the proper authorities. I think this type of activity
    is usually investigated by the FBI, but I'd check with the local
    police first. That said, I don't think even Dwight is crazy enough
    to make good his threats, but one never knows . . . He certainly
    had no qualms about taking his already poor reputation and totally
    obliterating it.
    BillB, Apr 1, 2005
  4. rufref

    Scott W Guest

    Bill, this just is not making sense to me, the post you refer too is
    consistence with your other postings, IP address and the news server
    that did the post are the same as all your other posts. It also makes
    no sense that Dwight would have put his name at the bottom of the post
    if he were really trying to make it look like it came from you. Now I
    am not an expert in these things but to me it looks more like you were
    trying to make a post look like it came from Dwight, if this is in fact
    this is the case I would suggest that you stop this at once.

    Scott W, Apr 1, 2005
  5. rufref

    Scott W Guest


    I would highly suggest that you reframe from making these kinds of
    threats, they will not serve you well.

    Scott W, Apr 1, 2005
  6. rufref

    Mike Kohary Guest

    These things are all easy to spoof.
    It doesn't, but perhaps he made a mistake, or forgot to change it back after
    spoofing Bill somewhere else before posting here again (such as if he really
    did go post young girls in teen binary groups).
    Bill, can you answer this? Was that you attempting something on Dwight, or
    did you not make that post? I'd like to know also, before (if) I answer it.

    As for Dwight, you have gotten way out of line, and are bordering on getting
    yourself into rather serious trouble. You are also hurting your own
    reputation far worse than anyone here has purportedly done. You clearly
    have some kind of victimization complex, and if this is how you're going to
    manifest it, I'd seriously suggest you seek professional help. What you're
    doing is wrong, and unhealthy to boot. I guarantee it's against your ISP's
    TOS, so the least that might happen is you'll lose your service. If you
    continue down this path, you could end up in jail. Walk carefully, my
    friend - it's just the internet, it doesn't really mean anything to your
    life, and you have taken things far too personally.
    Mike Kohary, Apr 1, 2005
  7. rufref

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Well, you have a chip on your shoulder. Why you expect to have no trouble
    in that case is beyond me - you're practically begging for a fight (now more
    than ever, after your troubling threats against Bill). You have brought
    this on yourself, first by making misleading statements about the topics at
    hand and refusing to concede even when you were proven dead wrong, and now
    by making bizarre threats that bring the level of discussion to a pathetic
    personal level that no one else has even approached. You are the one
    causing these discussions to spiral downward, not anyone else.
    No one is engaged in any such campaign. If anything, it is you who are
    clearly engaged in such a campaign. What you need to understand is that
    digital enthusiasts will be just that - enthusiastic. And there's nothing
    wrong with that, certainly nothing that deserves the vitriol you've fired in
    their direction. What's interesting is that none of these enthusiasts have
    cut down film (we were after all film users at one time, if some of us
    aren't still). Yet there are plenty of film enthusiasts more than willing
    to cut down digital. I don't see you harping on them, so clearly you're not
    as balanced on the issue as you'd like to make yourself out to be.

    And quit with the excessive cutting of responses. Responding to a single
    sentence out of context is inappropriate in a logical discussion. Respond
    to the whole post in all its context, or not at all.
    Mike Kohary, Apr 1, 2005
  8. rufref

    BillB Guest

    Scott, thanks for going to the trouble of trying to validate these
    messages. I hope I can assure you that I've never posted any
    messages trying to appear as if it was Dwight posting the
    message(s). Your logic works both ways. Why would I try to
    impersonate him while having header information consistent with my
    past messages? I believe that Dwight is quite capable of forging
    headers. He mentioned in this newsgroup some months ago that he had
    worked with computers for many years before tiring of them
    (retiring, I think he said). A quick check of current as well as
    some of his older messages show that we both use Earthlink as our
    newsserver, so that would be consistent in both of our messages.
    But there is one discrepancy that I caught. Up until now he has
    only used Outlook Express (which I've never installed, let alone
    used). But in the message that he posted that I provided the
    Message Id for, it's true, it shows the same version of Agent was
    used to post the message. The discrepancy is that he used the trial
    version whereas I've paid for the license. Of course that could
    have been faked as well. I assume it was just a minor point that he
    missed and it can be changed without having to pay Forte. If you
    believe that the messages appearing to have been posted by Dwight
    actually were posted by him, this fakery is exactly what he
    suggested that he intended to do, as indicated by these quotes:
    As I don't think there's any way for anyone here to determine who
    is actually posting what, I suppose I'll have to get Earthlink to
    look into this. I've never done that before so I don't know what
    they'll do or how long it will take them. I guess PGP has some
    worthwhile uses after all.
    BillB, Apr 2, 2005
  9. rufref

    BillB Guest

    No, I didn't post that message Mike. You may have seen by now the
    response I posted to Scott about 1/2 an hour ago.

    One thing I intended to mention in the last reply to Scott was
    even though we (Dwight and myself) both use Earthlink, he could have
    gotten a second Earthlink account to make it a bit difficult for
    Earthlink to associate his bogus message with his original, primary
    account. I'm sure this will all get resolved eventually.
    BillB, Apr 2, 2005
  10. rufref

    Scott W Guest

    I do see what you are saying about the trialware, I had not caught

    It is odd that the message was clearly written from Dwight's point of
    view, referring to you and Mike. I think you are right, I think it is
    time to contact Eathlink and see if they can give help, I don't think
    they would look to kindly on this kind of thing.

    Yeah, we may all be using PGP soon.
    I believe google, who I normally post with, puts a user id in the
    header, which is kind of nice.

    Scott W, Apr 2, 2005
  11. rufref

    Mike Kohary Guest

    I think one of two possibilities occured, keeping in mind that Dwight
    previously threatened to spoof Bill's posting headers in just this sort of
    manner (and there is plenty of kiddie hacker scripts out there to easily
    help him do it at an expert level):

    a) Dwight did indeed spoof Bill's address somewhere else, and then forgot to
    change it back before he came and posted here. Note that later on, he
    posted more messages with his original header information intact.

    b) Dwight spoofed Bill's header information here on one message, just to
    prove that he could do it.

    Either way, it's shady. Bill, be sure to contact Earthlink about this, as
    they will indeed not take too kindly, nor will they be fooled by spoofed
    headers. Spoofing headers is an explicit violation of their TOS.
    Mike Kohary, Apr 2, 2005
  12. rufref

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Dwight Stewart wrote with a header spoofing BillB:
    Apparently. Why are you posting with a spoofed header, Dwight?
    You've done far more to harm yourself than anyone else in this newsgroup
    Good, then maybe all this trouble can cease and desist once and for all.
    Mike Kohary, Apr 2, 2005
  13. rufref

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Thanks for the explanation, I figured as much.
    If you report it (and I encourage you to), please let us know what the
    outcome is.
    Mike Kohary, Apr 2, 2005
  14. rufref

    Scott W Guest

    Certain amount of sense, I am hoping that Dwight will take some time
    off from the new groups and try to gain some perspective on this.

    Scott W, Apr 2, 2005
  15. rufref

    BillB Guest

    Funny, but when I read it I never even considered checking the
    headers. I just assumed he was, as he said having "a heck of a lot
    of fun", providing another example of what he might do without
    actually going through with it.

    I did contact Earthlink about 2 hours ago. I was transferred to
    their abuse hotline but it was just a way to leave a recorded
    message, so I'll have to send some messages and headers to their
    abuse email address. Taking some of Dwight's recent advice I
    checked the archives using google and found a message of his from
    2001 in an amateur radio newsgroup with the subject "NEWSGROUP

    It started with
    It's a shame he hasn't heeded his own advice, since it's clear
    that he is able to contibute positively when he wants to (unlike a
    few of the resident trolls), but he seems to seek out disagreement
    too often. Not the best thing for someone to do when they are only
    able to take criticism personally. I'm sure that he'd consider this
    paragraph to be a personal attack rather than the constructive
    criticism it's meant to be. I don't intend to try any more.
    BillB, Apr 2, 2005

  16. Your new web page is finished and up, Bill. I think even you would approve
    of the results, if not the contents. Keep an eye on the search engines. It
    should start showing up sometime in the next few days, if the cops don't
    show up at your door in the middle of the night to arrest you before that.

    By the way, you really should stop arguing with those cops in the police
    newsgroup. I don't care how much you argue, you do not have a Constitutional
    right to buy, sell, and use, illegal drugs in this country.

    Dwight Stewart, Apr 2, 2005

  17. I'm not that stupid. The images never came across my computer. Instead,
    they were transferred from a web site to a web site and then posted to the
    newsgroups by that web site. That process has been going on all day, by now
    including thousands of images. And, in case one think that web site can be
    traced to me, it was obtained using an anonymous mail forwarding service in
    Russia. These messages are the only proof that I was involved in this, and I
    will simply claim BillB spoofed these messages.

    Dwight Stewart, Apr 2, 2005

  18. Right. And, considering all the things BillB has written about me in the
    last few months, what is he going say? The police protect the innocent, not
    troublemakers getting their just deserts.

    Dwight Stewart, Apr 2, 2005

  19. No, I spoofed the message, Scott. It was a warning to BillB that I could
    easily do so. He ignored the warning.

    At the time, the key to telling the two of us apart was the trialware
    version of Forte Agent mentioned in the header. I've since purchased the
    full version of the program, so that clue is now missing.

    Dwight Stewart, Apr 2, 2005

  20. Now who is being absurd? What exactly is he going to report to Earthlink?
    He doesn't own the copyright to the name BillB, his fake email address, or
    Forte Agent. And, since he has repeatedly violated their TOS with his
    negative posts towards me, he only risks his own account by bringing
    Earthlink into this. Again, he isn't an innocent victim.

    Dwight Stewart, Apr 2, 2005
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