Wich Firewire card?

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Bruno Paula, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Bruno Paula

    Jerry. Guest

    [ "SjT" replying to "Lpp" ]
    But it was TM who was posting the incorrect information, not "Lpp", TM
    hasn't even had the courtesy to say sorry ! :~(
    Jerry., Sep 25, 2003
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  2. Bruno Paula

    Jerry. Guest

    Or even TM's spirit or brother....
    Jerry., Sep 25, 2003
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  3. Bruno Paula

    SjT Guest


    Very good, you obviously havent been reading this forum for long mr
    fiddler, ive had many head-on collisions with TM, the difference is
    that i dont take it personally like these two who are complaining.

    All im trying to do is make them see things from a different

    I Subscribe here to learn, and to be honest there's only about 3
    people that provide good hard factual information.. And one of them is
    Tony, and i can understand why he gets irrate with fabricated
    statements that are passed on as being factual.
    I'm not the one on a witch-hunt.
    SjT, Sep 26, 2003
  4. Bruno Paula

    SjT Guest

    You mean like an HP, EPSON Or LEXMARK!?

    Tell you what, XP is pretty damn smart to be over 2 years old now yet
    Bill Gates managed to forecast every single device that plugs into USB
    and Firewire and pre-installed the driver dont you think?!
    SjT, Sep 26, 2003
  5. Bruno Paula

    SjT Guest

    So how many of these cams have you tried? are you guessing here?! Or
    can you categorically state that ANY cam will not require any kind of
    software whatsoever to operate?

    If you must, treat TM as a robot, he reads what is in front of him and
    replies.. He doesnt presume, he doesnt fill inbetween the words, he
    reads what is there in black and white and replies.

    The witch-hunt that you and Jerry have decided to take on is totally
    uncalled for, especially over such a stupid trivial thing as this.
    So why didnt you just say 'The cams i have tried do not require any
    additional software, and i am sure most are like this' ?

    Unless of course you know different? ;)
    SjT, Sep 26, 2003
  6. Bruno Paula

    SjT Guest

    As i read it, if Lpp didnt make an ambigous claim at the start none of
    this would've happened.

    Typical Witch-Hunt scenario, if you hunt for long enough the prey will
    trip, hence your attempts at feasting on it right now.
    SjT, Sep 26, 2003
  7. Bruno Paula

    SjT Guest

    Yes, im both young and stupid, well done.

    I suggest you killfile me straight away to avoid any more inflamming
    of this thread, thankyou.
    SjT, Sep 26, 2003
  8. Bruno Paula

    SjT Guest

    I am reading it in context! why shout?!

    If you was discussing cars and someone said to you 'Hey, do vauxhalls
    come with airbags as standard?' and you replied with 'Any car comes
    with airbags as standard' would i have to presume that you are talking
    about Vauxhalls only?!

    Strange logic if you beleive i should.
    I am not doing that at all, im trying to show you how TM reads your
    posts, and to help cut all this crap out that you and Jerry keeping
    throwing around the place, i personally dont have a problem with
    anyone on here and i can see both sides of the argument.

    I just feel that you and Jerry are taking things too personally, TM
    has no reason to attack you other than when you attack him.

    Besides, if you used the term 'The cameras you have used' rather than
    'Anything' it puts a whole new perspective on the claim that you made.
    I will try my best, i can see that Usenet is a jungle for guys like
    you so i will have to fill in the missing gaps and 'presume' that you
    didnt actually mean what you posted. ;)
    SjT, Sep 26, 2003
  9. Bruno Paula

    lpp Guest

    Quote from TM, on a different subject. He uses context too :)
    "I would have thought that it was obvious from the context (and the
    time-frame) that I was referring to Movie Maker 2."
    So why didn't TM say "Yes, you're generally right. But Camera X
    requires a driver...."

    It took you a long time to get your blinkers off. TM hasn't yet :)
    lpp, Sep 26, 2003
  10. Bruno Paula

    lpp Guest

    Typical Witch-Hunt scenario, if you hunt for long enough the prey will
    He trips several times a week, without my help :)
    lpp, Sep 26, 2003
  11. Bruno Paula

    lpp Guest

    But if we'd been discussing Vauxhalls and I said "they all come with

    Rather different?

    Your move! Are you completely committed to your agenda?
    lpp, Sep 26, 2003
  12. Bruno Paula

    fiddler Guest

    You and your ilk are a usenet 'type' (I should perhaps mention I am watching this ng and
    many others for a Southampton University research project "Usenet as a Social Microcosm
    and the Organic Development of its Hierarchies" - the thesis leader has allowed this
    declaration for selected groups). I had the measure of you within just one of your posts.
    With each new posting to this thread you cement your valueless but - for purely research
    purposes - useful place in usenet history. I should tell you your function here as a
    sidekick and know-all (non-technical terms for common usenet stereotypes) is essential for
    the endurance of a certain type of hostile hierarchy. Where these obtain, threads of no
    useful value abound.
    Of course you do.
    a burden for which you singularly lack the resources to shoulder.
    (Tony, and i....pathetic but noted). Unless you've never uttered in error before your
    stance as plaintiff is quite unsupportable.
    You really are very thick. (I know, that seems rude - but it's all in the cause of good
    fiddler, Sep 26, 2003
  13. Bruno Paula

    fiddler Guest

    I'm more interested in what you think.
    fiddler, Sep 26, 2003
  14. Bruno Paula

    fiddler Guest

    I neither want nor need to killfile you. I shall leave you hanging on this thread as,
    when and until I've observed enough. I may return periodically to this ng to watch and/or
    contribute. BTW- inflamming is the very purpose here. You do realise that don't you?
    fiddler, Sep 26, 2003
  15. Bruno Paula

    SjT Guest

    Kewl, so which 'type' am i? Im very interested :)
    Exactly why im trying to put an end to it all, im p'd off with reading
    the lpp/jerry/TM love triangle so ive decided to post my opinions on
    the matter.

    Ok, so im Tony's love child!! arrest me! I am flaming Jerry and lpp
    with insults as can be witnessed on this very thread with my expletive
    accusations aimed at them.. Im not one to discuss things sensibly!!
    You really have got me banged up to rights sir!
    To realise you are thick takes alot of brains, i know but a mere
    fraction of all the knowledge which is out there, anyone who claims to
    be smart obviously doesnt realise this.

    Thankyou court jester, you have again amused me :)
    SjT, Sep 26, 2003
  16. Bruno Paula

    SjT Guest

    All i can see is Angelboys... oh well, no worries.
    SjT, Sep 26, 2003
  17. Bruno Paula

    SjT Guest

    I wasnt talking about what TM POSTS, i was talking about what he
    READS. I am not having a stab at you, i am simply helping you see
    things from his point of view.

    Im sure you're not some angsty teen, but you sure are acting like one
    Because you said ''ANYTHING'' which is why he said his bit about
    printers.. cant you see!?

    anyway, best to stop this idle discussion as ive tried to make both
    you and Jerry understand where the guy comes from, but you're both too
    smart for me to change your attitudes.
    SjT, Sep 26, 2003
  18. Bruno Paula

    SjT Guest

    Look, you've fkd up, you complain that TM doesnt admit when he's
    wrong, you are doing the same.. So either practise what you preach or
    expect to get a bashing from others yourself, after thats what you are
    protesting for i beleive?

    Are you saying you would answer this question:
    Do printers require a driver?

    Anything that plugs into USB/Firewire requires an additional driver or
    download. ?!
    No, and im gonna stop replying if you're just gonna treat this as a
    game, i just wanted to stop the witch-hunt because its putting people
    off posting, and on top of that TM is a vaulable resource here that i
    wouldnt want to see leave.
    SjT, Sep 26, 2003
  19. Bruno Paula

    lpp Guest

    (I should perhaps mention I am watching this ng and
    In the unlikely event that this is true, you're about to get kicked
    off the project for intervening and thus making further data invalid.
    lpp, Sep 26, 2003
  20. Bruno Paula

    fiddler Guest

    Wait for the publication - you're very low down the pecking order. The terms are
    quasi-technical socialese - but obstructive pedant would be a close-ish layman
    approximation. You'll find even more interesting our conclusions about the implications
    relating to other aspects of your social adjustments/maladjustments outside the sphere of
    If you haven't yet realised that your opinions have earnt you no respect then you've some
    way to go. You're a common stereotype.
    No one (except other thickos) are going to fall for that naive paradox.
    Doesn't realise what? The breadth of human knowledge or your minimal grasp of it? (You
    really should practise some sentence-parsing and polish up your grammar before enunciating
    - you're not actually making any sense. This will also limit you in your ability to
    understand what others are saying - as evidenced by this particular thread).
    Our educational-psychology department is very clear on your intellectual boundaries.
    Not nearly as much as the fifty-or-so of us. Your coefficient of predictability is
    currently running at 89% - very high. Thank's for continuing to be our laboratory rat.....
    fiddler, Sep 27, 2003
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