wide angle and telephoto conversion lens;

Discussion in 'Photography' started by silledad, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. silledad

    silledad Guest

    I just got a new camcorder and I'm considering getting a wide angle and
    telephoto conversion lens. My question are 1. how effective are they
    2. is it okay to use a conversion adapter 34mm- 37mm 3. what brands should
    I consider, I see Tokina, Digital Optics, Kenko, Opteka or should I just get
    the Canon?
    silledad, Feb 17, 2005
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  2. silledad

    chrlz Guest

    1. They are effective, but quality will vary. Dramatically - if you're
    fussy, but if you just shoot the proverbial `home-movies` then you may
    not be bothered too much..

    2. Yes, in most cases step-up rings are ok, but it depends on the
    lens/converter combo. Step down rings often cause vignetting (dark

    3. Canon will very likely be good, others may not be so good. Price
    may not be a good guide - I have a cheap ($90) video wide angle
    converter that outperforms a much dearer ($300) one I bought for a
    still camera, even though it is a very similar size - go figure.. I
    suggest you test the converter/s out first, and look for problems in
    image quality (ie blurring and colour fringing esp in the outer edges)
    and loss of contrast. Do this on a full-size image, *not* the
    camcorders display, and do not use digital zoom while you test.. (O:

    PS- you might be better served in a camcorder user group..
    chrlz, Feb 17, 2005
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