Wide angle for Canon G1/G2: 52 or 58 mm thread ?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Claus C. Plaass, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Is a 52mm threaded wide angle lens
    wide enough for the Canon G1 / G2 image chip ?

    I am very happy shooting with my Casio QV 4000,
    which has the same popular lens mechanics and thread
    as the QV 5700, Canon G1 + G2, Sony's DSC 85 etc.
    Since I bought it, I wanted a wide lens of max 28mm.

    Canons own wide angle lens WC-DC-58N is only factor 0.8x,
    is bulky, heavy, costs ~150 $ and has a 58mm thread.

    Kenko' wide angle lens KVC05N is wider at factor 0.5x,
    has a smaller 52mm thread and costs 65 $, (43% of the Canon)

    All of the above cameras need a tube-like lens adapter,
    either threaded from 47mm to 58mm (for 58mm lenses)
    or 47mm to 52mm (for Kenko, and other makes).

    Does Kenkos wide angle lens KVC05N with 52mm thread
    mounted via a lens adapter 47mm-52mm to the above cams,
    produce enough angle without black zones on the image ?

    I'd be happy to hear some experience *practically made*,
    before I order "that nice Kenko" in doubt - hate that feeling ...


    Kiel, Germany
    Claus C. Plaass, Apr 7, 2005
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