Wife needs camera

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Jim Carter, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Jim Carter

    Jim Carter Guest

    I would like to buy a camera for my wife and I am considering the
    Nikon D60. Joan has shown an interest in photography and has taken
    some very interestng shots with my Canon point and shoot.

    She dislikes cameras that have a lot of things she must remember and
    buttons and knobs she must set before releasing the shutter.

    Anyway, is the D60 a reasonable step up? She will be taking a
    beginners course in photography this fall. I am also looking at the
    Canon Digital Rebel.

    Thoughts, insights and opinions accepted.
    Jim Carter, Jul 3, 2008
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  2. Jim Carter

    Pete D Guest

    If she has no interest in learning how to get the best from this new camera
    then why in Gods name would you be considering a D-SLR?

    Is the D60 a step up, from what would you be stepping up?
    Pete D, Jul 3, 2008
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  3. Jim Carter

    bugalugs Guest

    Get her to take the course with your point-n-shoot then let her
    decide what camera SHE wants. BTDT
    bugalugs, Jul 4, 2008
  4. Jim Carter

    Avery Guest

    Hmmm. getting intothe realms of good common sense here.
    Avery, Jul 4, 2008
  5. Jim Carter

    Jim Carter Guest

    I think you guys are right. I will let her decide for her self. Thank
    you to all for giving my head a shake.
    Jim Carter, Jul 4, 2008
  6. Jim Carter

    bugalugs Guest

    By the time she has done the course she will have decided what she wants
    to do in photography and have a better idea of the capabilities she
    wants in a camera.

    Otherwise she goes to the course and finds that her brand new camera
    doesn't do this, and this, and this. Guess who gets blamed! (don't ask
    me how I know)
    bugalugs, Jul 5, 2008
  7. Jim Carter

    Avery Guest

    Aahhh! Now we have common sense combined with experience.

    That's hard to beat.
    Avery, Jul 5, 2008
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