Will Digital make my Minolta 700si, 800si redundant?

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Ken J, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. Ken J

    Ken J Guest

    I have the following kit

    1 x Minolta 800si + Minolta 28-80 4-5.6 Macro/Zoom & VC700 Grip
    1 x Minolta 700si + Minolta 28-80 4-5.6 Macro/Zoom & VC700 Grip
    1 x APOTele Zoom 100-300 4.5-5.6
    1 x 5400HS (1/8000 High Speed Sync Flash)
    1 x Sekonic L-508 Zoom Master Light Meter
    Loads of Special effect filters and Cokin ones too.

    As you can see, a serious bit of kit for an amateur. And that's my
    point. I have also got a Fuji MX-700 1.5 Mega Pixels camera.

    The SLR stuff, I bought when I sold with the proceeds of selling my
    house back in 98 as it is the camera kit I dreamed about. And the
    digital one was just something I picked up on a trip to the US.

    So... what have I found, I hardly use the SLR kit, because I can't
    afford the processing, along with time and cost to travel to get the
    pictures I dream about. One camera for colour, and the other loaded
    with Black & White

    The digital one, used quite often for parties, and also for putting
    pictures on to the website I maintain for my g/f hobby.

    My problem? Well, I would like a new digital camera with all the bits
    and bobs. So, should I sell my Minolta stuff and consider it as
    redundant in the light of the new age of digital. Or, should I keep it
    all, because one day I am going to retire in about 20 years and I am
    sure it will work just as wonderful then as it does now. But a new
    digital camera? I doubt it, it will be out of date in 3 or 4 years,
    and I will be left with nothing.

    Any comments please?

    Ken J
    Ken J, Nov 3, 2003
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  2. Ken J

    Alan Browne Guest

    Minolta, as you probably know, haven't yet come out with a digital body
    for your lenses. There are rumors (well really the ame oft repeated
    rumour) of a "Zeus" DSLR from Minolta to come out in 2004. Remains to
    be seen. It, if Canon and others are to be used as an example, might go
    through a few years of model upgrades before settling down. You could
    consider dumping one of your bodies and 28-80's as quick as possible, as
    their value has already fallen, and retain the other for now.

    If Minolta's trend with the 7Hi and A1 continue, then the 5400HS flash
    will not work well (if at all) with the new "Zeus" when/if it comes out.
    If you don't use it much, it still holds pretty good re-sale value.

    The 508 is a great meter. If you do go digital, you might not find
    yourself using it very much, however, as you get feedback right away
    about what to adjust in the LCD view of the shots. The 508 should fetch
    you a very decent re-sale price.

    20 years? I don't know how much support you will get for the 700/800 in
    5 years or 10 ro 20, but it will inexorably decline with time.

    "Out of date in a few years?" --while it's true that the cameras keep
    improving, it is also true that what you will buy today will work as it
    does today a few years down the road. If I had the money and I wasn't
    waiting on Minolta for a DSLR, I would buy a D60|D10|D300 and a couple
    very good lenses. The lenses will likely work fine in 20 years, and the
    bodies will keep improving. This assumes that Canon stay the course in
    35mm mount lenses.

    Another route is the high end optical non exchangable lens cameras such
    as the Minolta 7Hi and A1. High ratio optical zooms, A1 is stabilized,
    very good results, decent prints up to 8x12 (ish).

    Anyway, far from telling you what to do, I suggest you learn as much as
    possible about digital as well as detail what you want to do
    photographically for the next decade or so. Consider what you want to
    print, how you will manage photos v. digital, etc.

    Resources... (there are many more of course)
    www.dpreview.com for details on all of the cameras and forums
    rec.photo.digital for a digital NG.
    Alan Browne, Nov 3, 2003
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  3. Ken J

    Nick James Guest

    Your SLR cameras *are* redundant for the simple reason that you are not
    using them.

    If this is purely because of processing costs then I'm not sure how
    you'll upgrade your digital camera. You also mention time, and at the
    risk of putting words into your mouth - perhaps you find it a hassle to
    lug all that stuff around, hey that's ok :)

    Primarily you've got to take photos to take good photos and if you're
    not using your camera...

    If you are using the digital camera then maybe that is the right format
    for you. Not everyone has the inclination to carry a heavy camera bag
    and be thinking 'photo' as they walk down the street.
    Don't worry to much about obselence, if you get a camera that you can
    use to produce prints and web based stuff you are happy with, is that
    going to change in 3 or 4 years time.

    What I've just written may not be the party line for a 35mm equipment
    newsgroup* but strip away the assumptions and opinions and it still
    contains some undeniable truths.


    * I'll go away and load my A1 with Velvia and shoot some photos until I
    feel better :)
    Nick James, Nov 4, 2003
  4. Ken J

    Adam F Guest

    I concur.
    Actually dump both the 28-80 lenses, as EVERY other lens in the minolta
    range will beat them - I recommend a 50/1.7 or 35-70/4, both ~US$30 and both
    seriously good lenses.
    Also tis hard to choose between the 800 and 700 (800 better specs, 700
    better feel imho), but if you're not using them much you don't really need a

    After you sell, you will only need to save up about another US$800 for the
    cheapest digital SLR (EOS 300D aka Rebel) :p

    Adam F
    Adam F, Nov 4, 2003
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