Will Nikon repair my busted CoolPix?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jentax, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. jentax

    jentax Guest

    In the past, I have sent my CoolPix 990 to Nikon and they have
    repaired it (and done a routine check) for free. I don't remember
    every giving any warranty information, so maybe they fix anything of
    theirs as a good gesture? Anyways, my warranty by now is likely
    expired, and my camera has a problem. I noticed one of the plastic
    parts in the battery chamber that keeps latch closed (after the close
    button slider is slid) had broken, and therefore the chamber would not
    stay closed, and the only was to take pictures was to press upwards
    forcefully with my thumb awkwardly. I can barely take photos this way
    and was hoping to get a repair. The old website which told me how to
    package and where to send the camera is one that I have forgotten, but
    the domain, which I remember, www.nikontechusa.com, redirects to a
    different Nikon site and I can't find any info. Any help would be
    greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!
    jentax, Nov 20, 2003
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  2. jentax

    Roger Guest

    In my experience, Nikon will repair the camera. I've had CP-950
    repaired recently. I purchased it through a full service dealer (Helix
    Chicago) and they returned it to Nikon for me, got an estimate before
    the repair and authorized the repair based on the estimate. I also
    know one other independent dealer with Nikon links (although not a new
    reseller) that would have done the same service (TCS Camera Repair,
    Lisle, IL).

    There is also an affiliated Nikon repair station in the Chicago
    suburbs that may now be representing digital repairs. I've used them
    for film repairs. Their link is below.

    Roger, Nov 20, 2003
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  3. jentax

    PSsquare Guest

    This is why I buy cameras from a full service camera store nearby. They
    handle dealings with Nikon. I am sure that I get better service than if it
    was just me sending them ONE camera.

    I pay a bit more than dealing with some mail order in New York City, but I
    get a lot more service when something goes wrong.

    PSsquare, Nov 20, 2003
  4. jentax

    David Farber Guest

    Subject: Will Nikon repair my busted CoolPix?
    I had the very same problem with my Coolpix 950. The plastic latches that lock
    to the slide plate were either broken or starting to deform. Being an
    electronic repair tech, I ordered the two parts of the battery compartment that
    comprise the assembly and installed them. This was not an easy repair and it
    will probably cost you a tidy sum for the repair.

    To contact Nikon support, you can call, 1-800-NIKONUX (1-800-645-6689). They
    can give you directions on how to submit your camera for service.

    If you purchased your camera with a credit card, you may have been
    automatically covered to receive extended warranty benefits. For example, if
    the initial warranty was one year, the credit card company may extend the
    warranty for an additional year. Check with your credit card company for

    Good luck.

    David Farber
    David Farber's Service Center
    L.A., CA
    David Farber, Nov 20, 2003
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