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Discussion in 'Pentax' started by x, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. x

    x Guest

    Do you guys think Pentax will spend more effort in shrinking the size of their
    dSLR ? I am about to enter the SLR market, but having problems to make
    a decision on which system to go with, Pentax, or 4/3 (which is basically

    I want a good quality camera, but if it's not small enough for me to carry it
    around, I just won't use it. If I look at the market today, there's the Pentax
    K100D and the Oly E-500 that are almost the same size, and in the same range
    of price. If the market was frozen and no new camera was ever to be produced,
    I'd go ahead with the Pentax.

    Olympus has shown that they are trying to get smaller (E-400 smaller than any
    of their previous ones, chances are the next one will be even smaller).

    Now what about Pentax ?

    Right now I see the pros and cons of the two systems as:
    -Bigger sensor, better inherant quality
    -huge choice of used lenses
    -quite a bit heavier
    -slightly bigger
    -commitment, or at least proven track record to stay compatible

    -smaller sensor, which will be a bit noiser for the same amount of MP
    -smaller/lighter lenses
    -no used market to get lenses from, and tiny choice of lenses
    -smaller/lighter camera
    -commitment to go small

    What do you think ? Will Pentax go smaller ? Can they ? Or have they reached the
    limit ? Was the K100D a fluke, or was it designed small on purpose ?

    x, Oct 4, 2006
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  2. The K100D is larger than the previous series of *istD cameras. Based
    on your pro/con list, your choice seems to be Pentax. I don't know how
    much bigger the K100D is than the Olympus. Personally, I'd take image
    quality over size (within reason of course - I don't want to lug around
    a D2x or Canon 1D.)

    Mike Hamilton, Oct 4, 2006
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  3. x

    John Francis Guest

    Are you confusing the (larger, newer) K10D with the K100D? The K100D
    is pretty much the same size as the *ist-DL (and the DS, and variants).

    I don't expect Pentax will introduce a DSLR significantly smaller than
    the K100D; that's already pretty much as small as you can make a (DSLR)
    body with a 24x16 sensor. If size is the most important criterion then
    a DSLR isn't necessarily the best choice.
    Personally I already find the DS/DL to be slightly smaller than I like;
    I can't imagine trying to use anything even smaller than that regularly.
    Equally, though, I expect Pentax to keep their entry-level body at around
    this size (or maybe a teeny bit smaller); after all, Pentax used to tout
    the diminutive size of the MX & ME as a feature.
    John Francis, Oct 4, 2006
  4. x

    bmoag Guest

    If you are interested in the 4/3 system you may want to check out the new
    bmoag, Oct 4, 2006
  5. x

    RichA Guest

    Where did you hear that from? You can get digital lenses used, you can
    buy older OM lenses and use them with an adapter. The lens choice for
    new is large enough so it's likely
    you won't need a focal length you can't get. They range from 7mm
    (14mm) to 300mm (600mm). Additionally, other 4/3rds lenses will work
    with the Olympus gear. Aftermarket suppliers have been weak in support
    for 4/3rds, but Sigma has a few and more coming.
    RichA, Oct 4, 2006
  6. x

    x Guest

    Not exactly smaller, and a lot more money (even if you only look at the
    Panasonic version).
    x, Oct 4, 2006
  7. x

    x Guest

    Sure, but I come from the compact world, so the 4/3 system is actually an
    improvement for me !
    x, Oct 4, 2006
  8. x

    x Guest

    I agree with you ! I'd actually be happy with a good EVF if that'd
    made the camera slimmer (it should be if they get rid of the mirror, right ?).

    But the industry seems to be splitting cameras in three segements:
    -SLR lookalike

    The good compacts are missing a whole bunch of stuff, eg: the Fuji F30 does
    not have a WB histogram, and no wide angle, the Cannon G7 has no wide angle
    either, the Panasonic LX2 is supposed to have a very noisy sensor, Fuji is
    not upgrading their E900 etc...

    The SLR lookalikes are as big as the small SLRs, but they have the same
    small sensors as the compacts, and no possibilities of changing lenses
    (although this could be a plus if they started with a good lense).

    This is when I started to focus on the small SLRs, and ended up looking at
    Pentax and Olympus.
    x, Oct 4, 2006

  9. The new K10D is bigger - a substantial, but not too large, model. Nikon
    D80-D200 size.

    David Kilpatrick, Oct 4, 2006
  10. x

    Pete D Guest

    Pete D, Oct 4, 2006
  11. x

    Guest Guest

    Yes, and that is why I would not buy the K10D - But the K10D will be sold
    along the K100D, it's not replacing it.

    Good page - thanks. I do wonder if the K100D is that small to keep its price
    down, or if it was intentional to satisfy people like myself who want a smaller
    Guest, Oct 4, 2006
  12. x

    Sander Guest

    No, he's not.

    Although it is not a big difference the K100D actually IS bigger and
    heavier than it's predecessors. (My best guess is this is because of the
    SR system)

    It's true though that the K10D is bigger than the K100D.

    Sander, Oct 4, 2006
  13. x

    Sander Guest

    Sander, Oct 4, 2006
  14. x

    John Francis Guest

    I'm not sure you would - all the EVFs that I've seen are ok for
    checking framing, but not much use for anything else.
    Well, there's always the Leica digital rangefinder. Small, light,
    with interchangeable lenses (and high-quality optics, naturally).
    John Francis, Oct 4, 2006
  15. x

    Pete D Guest

    It is pretty much the size of the D70 and 20/30D but slightly heavuer.
    Pete D, Oct 4, 2006
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