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Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by PROFESSOR MARVEL, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. I'm taking a video production course at the local public access
    television station and plan to produce my own shows for airing there
    right after the course. My Dell laptop is a workhorse but under-powered
    so I'm going to make some purchases I'd like your advice on:

    Is 512ram enough for serious editing? That's the max my Dell allows.

    I'll be picking up a external 160 gig hard drive. Will this suffice/

    I'm considering a DVD burner; recommendations appreciated.

    I have access to the station's Apple computers with are stocked with
    I-Movie, Final Cut Pro, and Avid editing systems so no need to buy any
    of this software myself; still, since I'm upgrading to what I think is a
    video-editing capable system, I was wondering if there's free video
    editing applications available on the net that I could practice on at home.

    Oh, my machine is 800mhz.

    I'd also like some feedback on audio. Are low-end DATs really broadcast
    quality? I saw a couple of Sonys on E-bay for under $300. I plan to do
    some puppet shows as well as news shows and with puppet shows the trend
    is to pre-recording the audio (speech, music, sound effects, etc).

    I'm sticking with the laptop, by the way, so any comments on that are
    not what I'm looking for.

    Finally, anyone aware of any other broadcast quality portable devices
    other than DATs?



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    PROFESSOR MARVEL, Aug 11, 2003
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